Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laundry Room - Simplifying With a Shelf

I love bookshelves for many purposes if you couldn't tell already.  I had a wire rack shelf and another shelf in the laundry room and it took up a lot of space and we had to cram my floor cleaner and small vacuum and buckets in there and it was a hassle to get through the back door.  I wanted something simpler - and as I was getting black shelves, I figured why not another shelf for the laundry room?  It definitely simplified it and I love it!

The top shelf is towels, washcloths and linens.  2nd shelf is toilet paper, paper towels and some extra cleaning items.  Third shelf is the "tool" box or junk box and bucket with scrub brushes.  However, I've since put the tool box on the very top and the bucket in the shelf above the washer/dryer.  So now, that shelf is our mail center.  I plan on buying a plastic container for the tool/junk box eventually.

The last two shelves are for hubbies shoes.  I lined them with paper towels to catch the dirt and he knows to let wet shoes dry on the red rug before putting them on the shelf.  ;-)  My daughter and I have shoe racks but hubbies are too big so this works well for them.

A note on the red rug - it has been wonderful!  When we come in the back door, with it raining here a lot, our shoes are usually wet and muddy/dirty.  I was soooooo tired of mopping the floor there and it always looked dirty.  So I got the idea to put the red rug down and now I just vacuum it once a week!

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Anonymous said...

Much neater.

Anonymous said...

I really am glad I changed it because not only did it simplify things for me and utilize space up to the ceiling area.....the bookshelf sticks out LESS than the wire rack, so when we walk through there is more space!!! Hubby loves it too. ;-)


Linda said...

It is very nice. I love bookshelves for just about everything myself. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a bit of a bookshelf-a-holic! =0 We currently have 12 bookshelves in our home not counting the few in the shed lol. Hey, for $25 each its affordable storage/furniture and creates room utilizing storage to the ceiling so works for us!


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