Mailbag: Plastic Surgery

Q.  Hi Bev~
I've got another question for you that I'd love to have your insight about!  I was wondering what you believe when it comes to Christians (mainly women) having plastic surgery done?  I know so many who have had something "done" or would like to.  Personally, I think it is fine when correcting an abnormality that someone may have been born with or after an accident of some kind, but that is not really what I'm talking about.  The women I know seem to have given in to the world's perception of beauty and are becoming fake!  Many times I wonder what this is teaching our young girls and I am concerned about the influence this has on their self image and perhaps they may grow up believing God did not make them "good enough."  I expect things like this from those who do not know the Lord, but like I said, these are Christians.
Thanks for your time

A.  This would be entirely my opinion of course but we can also take into account the Bible's instructions against vanity and apply it to this as well.  I agree with you, on if its an abnormality or needing re-structuring after an accident and such like, that would be ok.  

When we look at the world's ideologies, mentalities and spirit - we know that we should not want to adopt them as Christians.  To have plastic surgery purely for cosmetic vanities is in itself pride.  Tampering with God's creation is never something I would want to dabble in.  I go so far and don't even wear makeup because I believe God did a wonderful job in creating me the way I am and there is no need for me to paint over his masterpiece!  

Bigger breasts, smaller nose, tighter face and liposuction and all the other many plastic surgeries women undergo for what!?  So that others, themselves included, will think they are prettier than God made them.  When women are sure of themselves, in other words - confident, and when they have the self esteem that comes with being a Christian woman - they don't need to mar the Master's work!  

Christians have a whole set of principles, guidelines and other notable traits we should seek after mentioned in our life's manual - God's Word; the Bible.  Sinners will follow the way of the world - nip and tuck and suck and all that other stuff lol!  =0  The world constantly searches for the bigger, better, more alluring and enticing and better looking image.  The Christian isn't focused on such because pride is a sin and we should rather seek after a pure heart than a face lift.

Image credit - Izzy