New Homekeeping Schedule

We had a few changes this past week, so I'm changing my previous Homekeeping Schedule.  I'm so excited that my Mondays are now freed up!  Not only does it help with time for homeschool but it allows me to move my cleaning day back to Mondays and not have Tuesday so full.

Monday - 3 hour cleaning marathon; ALL laundry
Tuesday - dishes, wipe counters
Wednesday - dishes, wipe counters
Thursday - dishes, wipe counters
Friday - dishes, wipe counters

Doing my cleaning on one day for a few months now has been so rewarding!  I have so much time to do extra crafts/projects for homeschool and just for life in general.  

I'm planning on doing my fall deep cleaning the week of Thanksgiving, since we are taking school off that week.  I really need to clean behind the stove/fridge before the bugs come in from the cold.  I'm going to make a plan for those 3 days before Thanksgiving (Mon-Wed) so I make sure I don't forget anything because from Thanksgiving till Christmas break its going to be super busy around here with crafts!  Am I the only one who loves doing Christmas crafts everyday in December!?!