Hair Update - November 2010

It has been a long time since I did a hair update.  For new readers of my blog, I lost 20 inches of hair with 2 perms a few years ago and spent the past 2 years or so growing out my perm.  I don't cut my hair and haven't since 1999, not even trimming, per God's word stating that it's my glory and sign of submission to my husband.  Anyway......I had to go through the "growing-out" phase for a while and it was hard!  So many times, I wanted to cave in and just get another perm but I didn't and I PRAYED and God helped me.  It didn't make sense to me to get yet another perm when they had already destroyed 20 inches of my glory.

So I went through a year or so of half straight/half permed hair and tried to work the best I could.  Then finally in July, I was able to stop trying to make the bottom match the new growth and did a video on that here.

Now, my hair is silky, shiny and I don't blow-dry anymore, I just let it air dry and comb and go.  I was blow-drying maybe once a month but I cringed every time I did it, so now I just prepare ahead of time to give my hair time to dry on its own and it has really improved in appearance.  Then I still do the coconut oil - yes, I still use the cheap, Louann's Walmart brand lol - I know, I know.......I suppose I should spend more and get the organic real stuff but hey - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I curl my hair with a VERY low heat curling iron once in a while and tonight one of those times so hubby took some pictures so I can do this update.  I can hold my hand on my curling iron and actually leave it there without it burning me - that is how low the heat is when I curl my hair.  There really isn't any damage, just barely-there heat.  I have done higher heat and I do get tighter curls but the one time I did that a few months ago, I got a LOT of broken hairs and it was enough to scare me to not do it again lol. =0