Past Mementos - Name Key-chain

My mom sent us a package and it arrived today.  She has been gradually sending things she has kept from my childhood.  We have been getting one box a month usually and its like I'm opening tiny bits of my past and memories are rushing in.  Lots of tears have been shed and gasps of joy as well when I recall the item and then say "I forgot about this" or "I remember this!"  My daughter has been wanting me to tell the story behind each item and its really been awesome.

I wonder why my mom kept certain things and I realized they were things that were special to her as well that she wanted me to remember and keep.  Some of the things I never really cared about it, but she did, and it meant something to her and then now they mean something to me.  What I'm blogging about today is one of those things.

My mom got me this key-chain and she thought it was something special, though as a teenager I thought it was stupid.  She held onto it all these years and I could have cared less being the wild teenager that I was.  It was a key-chain that had the meaning of my name.  Beverly means industrious.  Now, back when I was 15 or so, I thought what in the world is industrious, this is stupid.  However, my mom had hopes for me and I pray today that I'm finally fulfilling that special meaning.

When I held the key-chain today, my mind raced back and then to today.  I've been striving to be more of a homekeeper, wife and mother and though I have come far I still feel inadequate.  This key-chain reminded me of my goal - to be industrious, to work hard and not be lazy.  Not only because that is my duty as a Christian but also because of my daughter - I want her to develop a good work ethic and not one of being a lazy sloth!

There are only a few places, mostly from articles in the 1960's where it shows the meaning of Beverly is industrious.  I wonder why it just kind of "went out of style" over the years?  Here are some other names with their old meanings:

Linda - Beautiful
Elizabeth - Oath of God
Margaret - Pearl
Patricia - Noble
Helen - Light
Hannah - God has favored me

These meanings that have been around for centuries are fading away for new, modern-up meanings but the old, timeless meanings of the names are special to the mothers that name their children in hopes that they will fulfill that meaning.

Thanks Mom for holding on to these mementos and I pray I live up to the special name you gave me!