Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freeing up Time

If you have been following along the past few weeks, you read that I did freezer meals for Oct-Feb!  I'm telling you all, I didn't realize the great impact this would have on my time.  I knew it would free up some but didn't realize how much easier and less stressful it has made my life!

I plan my life (not every single minute), with my Google calendar.  Normally, the week I get my house money, I have to take off homeschool to grocery shop, bake and do the freezer meal cooking - oh, don't forget the planning.  Looking at my schedule for next week - it just has shopping and then I've been baking while my daughter does her math meeting or writing so its fit in nicely that way.  It is so wonderful to me to know that from now till mid-January, I won't have that one week a month that throws me off anymore!  Rather, I can just calm down a bit lol, realize I'm not a rush anymore to homeschool to "catch up" after one of those weeks and delve into other things that make life so wonderful - crafts, family time and field trips.

My schedule is still full but that is just because I replaced cooking dinners daily, that one week cooking blitz chaos........with crafting, nature walks, family time and more baking.  I have to say I'm so much more happy now!  Also cleaning my house one day a week worked just as well.  Who wants to clean and cook all day everyday!?  I suppose if you love to do those things, but for the rest of us, its about not forsaking those things (please ladies clean your house and cook dinner lol), but rather being wiser with our time to allow more "life" into our life!

I will be the first to say that I count spending time with my daughter or hubby over washing dishes and a lot of times my sink has proven that fact lol. ;-)  The dishes will always be there to wash - but my daughter will not always be a child.  What is more important?  It comes back to priorities - I won't choose a clean dish over missing my daughter's childhood but I will rather work it to where I can carve out that time.

So, I'm going to keep the 3-month cooking rotation going.  I'm going to get a jumpstart on it come January and start my freezer meals the 2nd week of the month and that will be through April.

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Linda said...

I am still shocked at how many meals you were able to prep and freeze! I am still working on things on my end and perhaps one day I shall venture to make so many meals to have ready. You do make it sound very nice with all that freedom on not having to do meal prepping daily and getting to enjoy "life" more.

Christian Homekeeper said...

It is very nice and so worth it Linda! It isn't as hard as it seems either. I thought making meals for so many months would be incredibly difficult but I found that with good planning its not that bad and well worth the 3-days of work! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Girl you are slowly getting my heart pupming. I am still thinking on the freezer cooking.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I think you would like it but it isn't for everyone - you have to like certain meals that freeze well. My family - hubby and daughter are pretty easy to please but if you have a picky eater you will have to work around that. Let me know if you ever try it. Some friends have tried it by just doing an extra meal or two instead of a whole month - every little bit helps.


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