Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook - Teaching Superficiality

Facebook is not only is a den of gossip, full of vanity, promoting a superficial image of yourself, creating superficial friendships and is cited as the reason for divorce in 1 in 5 divorces, but now its being used for its original intended purpose - valuing others based upon looks.  This could cause depression, low self-esteem and eventually suicide.  Think of how many lives have been destroyed, don't forget marriages, by this tool.  How sad that parents would even let their children use such a thing.  God help us!

I like how this 21-year old got rid of his Facebook and wrote about it, he is more mature than most adults!

Facebook, we need to have a DTR (defining the relationship) talk…It’s not all your fault, it’s mostly mine…This is the end of you and me, Facebook. I’m leaving you because I have spent more time browsing your pages than I have been spending in the pages of The Good Book. And I can’t live like that anymore. I’ve let you become a monster…you’ve taken too much of my time and my thoughts. Maybe it’s just my lack of self-control or discipline, but you’re addictive to me. I’m ashamed of the number of times I check you daily. If I were able to grasp how much time I have spent swimming though your endless ocean of profiles, I would be able to bear the guilt.

Here’s why: because of your profiles, I’ve become lazy. Because of you I found myself talking with person after person, asking them questions that I already knew the answers to. On many levels I’ve substituted and even avoided personal interactions with people because of your artificial and superficial means of communication. You have diluted my perception of true social interaction.

You’ve made me a coward. There’s a difference between a Facebook friend and an actual friend. Everyone knows the difference, but when one tries to reach across the barrier from Facebook friends to actual friends it just isn’t the same.

Facebook, you’re not all bad. You have your benefits. I must admit, you allow me to network and keep in touch with people with whom I normally wouldn’t have been able to…but at what cost? Wasting time Facebooking people I’ll never meet has distracted me from meeting the person sitting next to me in class, or has kept me from calling up and hanging out with an old friend because Facebooking is just as good? I beg to differ.

In some form or another, you’ve hindered my investment in the relationships with those genuine people hiding behind the idealistic profiles they’ve made of themselves. Let’s face it, I don’t perceive myself in the same way someone else perceives me. From now on, I only want to know people for whom they truly are; not for what you (Facebook) says they are. I just can’t trust you.

‘This might seem radical, but I have to make up for lost time. This hurts me just as much as it hurts you, but I have to take a stand.

Logging out for good,


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candy said...

How sad to compare looks no on facebook. How many young people will get their feelings hurt, will want plastic surgery, will become anorexic, will be depressed..
UGH. I hate this social networking culture. I dont see anything good in it at all.
I wish more Christians would take a stand against it.

The creator of facebook is a self proclaimed atheist!! Who would want to even support him!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I agree Mrs. J, there needs to be more of stand against this type of behavior that can destroy teenagers emotionally. It saddens my heart and I'm SO GLAD they didn't have Facebook when I was in high school lol - it takes bullying and cliques to a whole new level.


Anonymous said...

As of tomorrow, my fb account will be deleted, permanently! I had no idea that the creator was an athiest, but after doing a Google search about him, I found the info verified. Not that I didn't believe you both, but just wanted to see it for myself, kwim? I don't want to be a participant of something so bad. I've personally seen preachers getting bashed on fb because they took a hard stand on an issue, and others came out hatefully against them. Well, I feel better about leaving fb. There are more important things in life to deal with than who is for or against this person or that person. It was time to leave, but this post gave me that little "push" to make the final decision. Thanks, Beverly and Mrs. J!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Wow Vickie thanks for sharing and glad that you decided to delete your account.

The man the created Facebook, created it for the PURPOSE of rating others faces. It was born in pride and vanity and is still that way today. Anyone to create such a device, obviously isn't a Christian.


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