Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Are You Raising Your Daughter to Be?

As Christians, we can read the Bible and find out what God's will is for our life.  We find that women are to be keepers at home, loving their husbands and bearing children.  Our role as women, is to our homes, husbands and children.  So why would you raise your daughter to be anything else besides a homekeeper?

Just what are you raising her to be?  Are you raising her to be "somebody" that the world deems worthy?  When in reality, the somebody she should be is what God designed her and all women to be - keepers at home, wives and mothers. There is NO greater calling than what God set forth in His Word and its up to you to teach your daughter what she was designed for.

There are even Christians, who believe in the woman's role, that are raising their daughters to be everything BUT a homekeeper.  They never teach them homemaking skills but applaud them at worldly pursuits.  They wonder why when their daughter becomes a woman, she has absolutely NO interest in being a homekeeper.  Why would she when she molded to think upon the world's design for women and not God's?

The time to weap isn't when our daughters grow up and scoff at homekeeping and have no desire to marry or bear children - you are the one that plants the seed in the heart of your daughters!  You are the one who God commands to train them up in the way they should go.  It isn't up to the Sunday school teacher or preacher, it is up to YOU as a mother to raise her to be what God created her for - a help meet to her husband, mother and homekeeper.

I've had some local acquaintances make comments to me and laugh that my daughter is like a little homekeeper.  I'm thinking.....these people BELIEVE in a woman being a homekeeper and they think it silly that I'm teaching mine to be one!?

It could be because they are of the thought that you kick your daughter out the door at 18 and she has to 'grow up'.  Just who came up with that?  It isn't the way my husband and I feel about it.  Our belief is that daughters should stay AT home under their father until they switch heads, so to speak, to their husband.  Most of the girls I've seen thrown out of the house at 18, got pregnant out of wedlock, rebelled and had no thoughts about being a homekeeper since they were raised their entire life to think about "what they want to be when they grow up."  We need to get back to the old-fashioned principles that worked and ditch this worldly feminist woman that is so greatly uplifted in this society.  Because let's face it - she is never satisfied until she becomes what she was designed for.

If we raise our daughters to be worldly-minded then we can't complain when they grow up and become just that.  How about raising them to be Godly-minded and raising them to be what they are created to be?  It is high time that we have a "return of the daughters", as I've seen a documentary on that very title.  Pure, Godly, Holy, God-minded daughters need to make a comeback and its up to US to plant those seeds in their hearts early on!

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Mrs. J said...

Amen!! And those of us who have boys should be raising them to be Godly role models too, to be good husbands and fathers, to be the spiritual leader, to be healthy and fit for his wife.
Unlike the many boys of today...some who are lazy, staying at home while the wife works.
Our men need to be strong, providers, Godly, protectors, on fire for the Lord!

Thats why homeschooling is so awesome. We get to train them and raise them in scripture.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Very true Mrs. J and you should write a post about it because you have the experience of raising a boy and obviously I don't "yet". Thanks for sharing!


Mrs. J said...

I did on my last blog... but I may do it again sometime :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

I had thought you did one but couldn't remember if it was you or someone else.


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