Part 1: The Woman Rebel

I haven't blogged on this in a while but a question was brought up by a reader and so I felt the leading to answer it.  This isn't a personal conviction, this is God's design for a woman - to be feminine and distinct from the man.  It isn't up for debate and its sure to cause a stir because somehow this culture is so backwards that a woman in a skirt is offensive and "legalistic."  Ask yourself the question: "What stirs in you when you see a woman in a skirt, just what spirit is it?"  Truly Satan wants to BLUR the lines and make the genders - gender-less.  He wants to blur God's distinct separation of man and woman and even go so far as to say gender doesn't even matter anymore.  Oh, how far this ungodly world has become in issues of dress and how accepting even some Christians are to Satan's destruction of the distinction of the sexes.

Here is the question:

I need some advice I am a fairly new Christian (about 4 years) and recently the Lord has convicted me about the way I dress. As a young Christian lady (i am 16) I feel I need to represent Christ in every aspect of my life and with that being said I feel that I should no longer wear pants but I have had people tell me that there is no reason to stop wearing pants and that God does not care what I wear so I was wondering if you had any biblical advice about this matter!?!?!?

First of all, if the Lord is convicting you about it, you must act quickly!  Heeding God should be something we are doing more than heeding others.  Others will echo the world's reasoning - gender doesn't matter, we are 'free', God only looks at the inner you and on and on.  All of it is Satan's way of twisting scripture to justify their clear rejection of God's separation of the sexes.  A true child of God knows that when you get your heart right, the inner you, the outside becomes right as well - you dress right!  However, its more than that as you will soon read its really all about women's rebellion against man and God's order of headship.

Why and when did women start wearing men's pants, what was the motive that spurred it on?  Society as a whole was only accepting of women in dresses/skirts and abhorred women that chose to wear men's pants.  Very few women would be caught wearing them as it wasn't fit for a lady and wasn't morally appropriate.   However, there were rebellious women who wanted to break this moral code as there always is.  Women that wanted to be like a man and do what men did, women who in the name of supposed equality sought to overturn man's headship.  It started with women wanting to do what was called back then, "men's work."  They started working in the coal mines with pants, covering them up with their skirts and then rolling up their skirts when they started working.  In a time when men were gentlemen and women were ladies, there was pure disgust for such women.  With the first World War came women taking over men's jobs and ridding themselves of their dresses to do men's work. 

Overthrowing man's headship as set up by God in pure rebellion is what spurred women to wear men's pants.  They didn't want there to be any distinction between the sexes, any power over them by a mere man, these women wanted to be just like a man and thus they did what men do - started working outside of the home, cut their hair like a man and put on men's pants.  The world was going to have to accept them and by the 70's they did.  Feminists decried their roles and encouraged women everywhere to be loosed from the power of the man.  What was really at work in the spiritual realm was Satan tearing down everything God designed.  Satan tearing down man's headship by getting women to rise above and trample on the headship of man.

Notice this publication from 1855 on "Who Wears the Pants?"  The inscriptions are: The man on the left says to his friend, "Fight courageous for sovereign authority, neighbor; or your wife'll do to you as mine has done to me--she'll pull your hair off your head and compel you to wear a wig!" The little boy is saying, "Oh, Mamma, please leave my Papa his pants!" The other man states that he would "rather die than let my wife have my pants. A man ought always to be the ruler." The little girl says, "Oh Pa! Let go, be gallant, or you'll tear'em!" The woman pulling on the pants says, "Sam 'y help me! Woman is born to rule and not to obey those contemptible creatures called men!" The woman on the right cheers, "Bravo Sarah! Stick to them, it is only us which ought to rule and to whom the pants fit the best." Above these people is depicted the demon of "discord."

Margarat Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote in 1914 the first issue of the newspaper entitled so well fitting for revolution of new women "The Woman Rebel; No Gods No Masters."  She encouraged prostitution, called motherhood slavery and pushed for birth control for all.  She knew what she was and those that followed - rebels - women bent on rebellion that soon did away with the power of the man.  What 3 things did women rebel in during this time - motherhood, homekeeping and women's garments.  Notice how it is today - birth control, women working and wearing pants is common and accepted.  Defying God's design of the women for bearing children, guiding the house and being feminine and distinct from man.  Satan blurring God's distinctions and it all started with a woman just like Eve - pure rebellion.

By the 1970's it was widely accepted for women wearing pants and so was the promotion of breaking out of the home and getting a man's job and the prevention of children and the invention of daycare centers.  The new "woman" was on the scene - bold, in-your-face, demanding to be equal to men in all ways and thus becoming more masculine proving her defiance of God's roles and design.

Did you know that California did not allow women to wear pants to work?  True!  Until the ruling in January 1995, women were barred from wearing pants in the workplace but the legislature banned that rule and now women everywhere have the 'freedom' to put on men's pants.  Now women can be just as manly as men by working on the job, defying the role of the homekeeper, rejecting motherhood by either abortificient use and/or abortion, cutting their hair off to rebel against their husband's headship and defying clothing that signifies femininity by wearing men's pants