Part 2: Flaunting of the Vice Against Nature

This letter, written by a Catholic Cardinal, was so moving and true that I decided to dedicate an entire post to it in this series on women and pants.  A lot of what he said would happen once it became the norm for women to wear men's pants HAS happened!  What wisdom on the importance of distinction of the sexes.

The entire letter with translator's notes can be found here:

Here are some amazing quotes from the letter that speak volumes of wisdom.  This Cardinal wrote this trying to stop the acceptance and/or tolerance of women wearing pants and warn on the dangers of allowing them to do so.

He tells how putting on man's pants changes the psychology of the woman:

"In truth, the motive impelling women to wear men's dress is always that of imitating, nay, of competing with, the man who is considered stronger, less tied down, more independent. This motivation shows clearly that male dress is the visible aid to bringing about a mental attitude of being "like a man."  Secondly, ever since men have been men, the clothing a person wears, demands, imposes and modifies that person's gestures, attitudes and behavior, such that from merely being worn outside, clothing comes to impose a particular frame of mind inside."

The next point he argues is one of the most disturbing as it is so prevalent now in our society:

"The essential basis of this attraction is a diversity between the two sexes which is made possible only by their complementing or completing one another. If then this "diversity" becomes less obvious because one of its major external signs is eliminated and because the normal psychological structure is weakened, what results is the alteration of a fundamental factor in the relationship.

And when the sense of shame is hindered from putting on the brakes, then relationships between man and women sink degradingly down to pure sensuality, devoid of all mutual respect or esteem."

Now that men can't look at a women as a lady but rather masculine in her clothing, and he can't see her femininity because her garment has even hindered her behavior as such - he has to just look at her like a sex object.  And thus, we have a society that instead of the normal attraction of difference is minimized, the spotlight is on the sexual which is only satisfying for a time.  If women want some R-E-S-P-E-C-T they need to earn it by acting like a woman!

He goes on to talk about how women wearing pants will even effect the children, just what kind of society will it produce (it has produced now):

"What will these women be able to give their children when they will so long have worn trousers that their self-esteem goes more by their competing with the men than by their functioning as women?"

"...wherever women wear men's dress, it is to be considered a factor in the long run tearing apart human order."

Truly, what he said in 1960 has happened - human order has been torn apart and no longer are women doing their roles.  No, they are acting like men in all aspects - dress, occupation, behavior, deportment, hair and rejection of motherhood.

Ladies, its not an issue of "free will" or rules and such, this is serious as you are dealing with changing God's distinction between male and female and overruling the teacher of nature God put inside of us.  As the translator put it:

"The enormous increase since 1960 in the practice and public flaunting of the vice against nature is surely to be attributed in part to this perversion of psychology."

What really matters or what are we trying to preserve by refraining from women wearing men's garments?

"What matters is to preserve modesty together with the eternal sense of femininity, that femininity which more than anything else all children will continue to associate with the face of their mother."

Do your children associate femininity with you?  When they think of you, their mother, does their mind fill with all the lovely ways you are a lady and feminine different from your husband?  Or do they not even understand the differences of femininity and masculinity because they've never even seen it in their own home!?

What kind of world was this pant-wearing woman going to bring?  Well, we are already there because its abnormal for women to wear dresses now - God help us!

"When we see a woman in trousers, we should think not so much of her as of all mankind, of what it will be when women will have masculinized themselves for good.  Nobody stands to gain by helping to bring about a future age of vagueness, ambiguity, imperfection and, in a word, monstrosities."

Nobody has gained from women wearing pants.  Now, that its acceptable and almost everyone is doing it - are you happy being so manly?  Are you happy about a world that doesn't even know what a family is or who marriage is for anymore?  Truly, those monstrosities warned of have arrived in America today and it all started with the woman.  The woman wanted to be free of man's headship and look at what her "freedom" has brought us to.

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