I Could........

Women that love their children like this that they will even homeschool being a single mother, really inspire me!  I say kudos to these women and the love that is shown by their actions!

This is a poem I came across today from a single homeschooling mother and it was so touching:

I could send her to school,
And from 8:00-3:00 have no clue…
How many times she laughed,
How many times she learned,
How many times she questioned,
How many times she understood,
How many times she wanted more information,
How many times she bounced in her chair from excitement,
How many times she was proud of something she did.
I could send her to school and she could get her exercise and sunshine,
In 20 minute doses, if…she had on the right shoes, and no one misbehaved and everyone was quiet.
I could send her to school
And let her eat the processed high fat, low nutrition fare they feed millions of children a day,
if she had enough time to eat and didn’t talk too loud and if no one grabbed her food.
I could homeschool her

by Karen Cagle