More American Than Christian?

“We’re not raising a man who happens to be biologically capable of having children. We’re raising a woman, a wife, a mother…’it sounds so radical!’ Yea, it probably does. You know why?’ Cause we’re a lot more American than we are Christian. We do the same thing everybody else does. And most times in the exact same way. After step A you take step B. Why? ‘Cause everybody does it, and if you don’t, you’re messin’ things up. Keep your prosperity in check. There’s a whole lot of women out there who have bought the lie that says you can have it all, and the fact of the matter is, you cannot. And you were never meant to. Nor were men. There is a role for us to play, you weren’t designed to have it all.

But here’s what I’m wondering: why would anyone who has been given the incredible gift and privilege of being able to bear and grow in them a life - 9 months – why? Why? To have a symbiotic relationship between your body and theirs; between your heartbeat and theirs. That’s why. So that they know your smell. So that they know everything about you. Why do they come here and the first thing they desperately need to do is nurse? So that from your breast they look into your eyes. Why? ‘Cause God designed you to nurture them. And you know what our culture says, that’s not good enough. You need to go share Adam’s curse ’cause Eve’s curse is not enough for you. That’s what our world says. And our world says as soon as you can, you rip that baby from you and hire somebody else to do what God created you to do instead. That’s what our world says. God says, ‘I’ve given you to this man to be his suitable helper.’ What does our world say? Well, let him go find somebody’s else’s wife to be his right arm, and then you be the right arm of some other man. That’s what our world says.

When we have the greatest gift, the greatest calling, and the greatest opportunity in the world, because the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world…There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more powerful, nothing more precious than authentic, strong, submissive womanhood, and there is nothing that is in shorter supply, except, authentic, strong, passionate, protecting, providing manhood. And as a result our houses are not order, they are in complete disarray. And we are raising men who are weak and have not been given permission to stand up and lead their homes, and women who are unprotected and completely dissatisfied because somebody told them they could have it all, and rather than enjoy and embrace this incredible powerful gift of womanhood and motherhood, that instead they should go out and share Adam’s curse and pay somebody else to do the menial job, the menial task, of raising and nurturing their children. God help us. Don’t buy the lie.” ~ Voddie Baucham, Getting Our Houses in Order (Part 2 of ‘The Children of Ceasar’)