Friday, April 5, 2013

Whoever Controls the Schools.......

........Controls the World.  You can't go wrong training your children up in the ways of the Lord for the majority of their day!!

Here are some wonderful quotes from the video:

Non-Christian education puts the child in a vacuum. The result is that child dies. Christian education alone really nurtures personality, because it alone gives the child air and food. Modern educational philosophy gruesomely insults our God and our Christ. How, then, do you expect to build anything positively Christian or theistic upon a foundation which is the negation of Christianity and Theism? No teaching of any sort is possible except in Christian schools. ~ Cornelius Van Til

Is the Bible true? My science, health, and literature teachers said no. Is God providential in the affairs of men and nations? My history, social studies, and economics teachers said no. Is there design and purpose evident in creation? My biology, chemistry, and math teachers said no. Are there absolutes? My sex-education teacher said no and my friends said “cool.” Is God relevant to any subject taught in the public school? All of my teachers and all of my books said no. Consequently, every day for twelve years the content and context of my public schooling said there is no God, and even if there is, He does not matter. ~ Bradley Heath

Here is a screenshot from the video showing typical hours of a public school child:

When do you teach your child about God with those hours above?  All that time away from you and your influence as a parent and rather spent in an atheistic, humanistic and ungodly school system.  God gets 20 minutes or sometimes not even that.  Is God important?  Does He care that Christian children are being taught atheistic education?  God-less history?  False teaching in a creation-less science?  

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Linda said...

Wow, that was quite an eye-opener! As the time is approaching for my Little Miss to start her schooling, the subject of homeschooling has been on my heart more and more. It took me forever to finally finish this 45 minute video due to the fact that I was soaking up what was said and trying to retain the information and pray about it. I am praying that my husband will also come and see this video and we pray about the education that our children will receive throughout their childhood. God knows that I've been searching for some answers and He is always right on time! Your Sister in Christ, LindaG

Christian Homekeeper said...

It is a lot to chew on for sure! I watched this a few years ago I believe it was and came across it again last night and decided to share it on here for others. When you really stop and think about it, you wonder why does everyone do the same thing when there really isn't no basis for it in a God-view mentality.

He speaks sometimes at the homeschool conference they have yearly in Renton and is very encouraging in not just homeschooling but also women being at home and the roles of each spouse. I have his daughter's book for Katie to read when she gets a few years older, it is called "Joyfully At Home."

Thanks Sis for stopping by! :)

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