Thursday, April 18, 2013

Harding Family Sent 6 Kids to College by age 12

They sent 6 of their children (so far) to college by age 12, simply amazing - and they don't even have a teacher's degree, imagine that!  They credit GOD for all of this!  It is time to STOP believing the lies that the indoctrination institutions are putting out there and realize that we, as parents, can better educate our children.  When we live in a time when most children can't read past a 4th grade level - it is time to kick the teacher's unions, the NEA and the Department of Education to the curb and get our taxes back that are paying for a system that hasn't worked in decades!

A system that is built upon humanism, on which not even God would advocate, so why do you?  Stop sitting around complaining about "how bad the schools are" and the terrible things they are teaching and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  How about not allowing it?  How about saying "as for me and my house we are going to serve the Lord!?"  Or just keep whining about it, keep shaking your head at "how bad the schools are" and keep thinking that socialization is only done at public schools.  Jesus isn't standing outside the public schools with a sign telling you to send your children there, nor would God EVER advocate sending our children to the heathen to be taught what they are being taught today (homosexuality, immorality, atheism, etc.).  False teaching needs to be eradicated from the 'accepted' norm for Christians and this could be the start of a revolution.

I dare you to pray.  I dare you to count God as relevant to children's education.  I dare you to be different.  I dare you to have a mind of your own, separate from the popular opinion - a mind of Christ.  I dare you to be ridiculed, criticized and take a stand.  I dare you to pray and ask God WHAT and HOW your children should be taught.  I dare you to ask God WHO should teach your children   I dare you to ask God WHO should have your children's minds the majority of their day to form and mold them.  Then.....the revolution will begin in full force because you see, God will tell you just WHO should teach and WHAT they should teach and HOW they should teach children of those that believe in the Bible and the true God.  I dare you to take your children's minds back.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Montgomery and remember them from MAHE. How on Earth is it a good thing to "graduate" your children so young? Just because you can meet the public school requirements by then doesn't mean you are finished. Let them explore their interests and learn more until they are emotionally ready for college They are not ready for the real world at ages 17, 18, etc... just because they have a degree.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I agree Anonymous but wasn't blogging about sending your child to college at age 12, but rather focusing on the fact that parents CAN educate their children well. I also, of course, don't agree with their daughters having careers but I wasn't blogging about all that - let's focus on the good part of the story: parents can educate and with God first and foremost, it will be a success! ;-)

tealady said...

I find it interesting that the family has so many children that are that far advanced.I too wonder about them being pushed into adulthood so fast.I do like the fact that they allow the children follow their interest's.

Christian Homekeeper said...

The more I have thought on this family AND am reading their ebook, the more that I believe that these children DID in fact have a childhood. They simply did higher level work. They came home and played with peers their age at the end of the day and learning was FUN, which the parents made sure of. The parents also never pressured the children, they let the kids explore their own interests - which I think is awesome! These children are choosing things they are happy doing, things they love - how many other kids can say the same thing at 18? Even 30 LOL! I say kudos to this family and their discipline and dedication!

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