Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Our Table Means to Us

Some people may wonder - what is so special about a table?  However, to us and specifically to me - it means a whole lot.  Growing up in my family we would eat together at the table and have that closeness as a family but when my parents bought a television, it became the table's demise.  I was 9 years old when that television set came into our house and stole my family's bond, peacefulness and faithfulness.  However, something that sticks out in my mind all these years was how it made the table obsolete.  Instead of gathering around the table, praying and eating together, it was rather get your dinner and go to your new family - the television set.

I remember fondly those times at holidays when we sat at the table together and how weird it felt because it wasn't normal, but then also, how wonderful.  I remember some nights when my dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee and I would come and sit down and we would talk about God.  I remember staring down at the grooves in the table as he spoke and thinking upon them brings tears to my eyes.  Tears because thinking of the grooves in that table brings back those close times - at that table talking with my dad.  I remember when my parents got rid of that table a few years ago and how sad I was to hear it.  They didn't understand my attachment to it and what it meant to me.  I missed those times at the table.  I missed the togetherness of our family that was so hastily replaced by Hollywood.  I vowed to not let my family have the same fate.  Enter in.....our family table:

We fellowship together as a family at this table. There is togetherness here. There is love here. There are deep talks and funny stories shared here. This is where I teach my daughter God's Word and eventually my son.  This is where I school my children in the things they must know.  This is where we show hospitality to our friends.  This is what I want my table to mean to my children - for them to remember the good times that we spent together!  This is what our table means to us.

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I too love my kitchen table. That's where we eat, do our devotionals and Bible studies, play UNO, just sit and chat, etc. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joyful Christian Homemaking! :)

Linda said...

Great Post, Bev! I love the pictures you drew in my mind. A beautiful memory with such a powerful impact.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda! :)

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :-) I think you and I have a lot in common - both grow out very long hair, both homeschool, we live in similar homes, we're both FIRMers, etc.

I have some of the Transfirmer videos and do have a Transfirmer. I also have a lot of the Fanny Lifter videos and have a Fanny Lifter, which also works nicely for their pre-Fanny Lifter videos. I have some of the first videos they put out.

I don't have any of their newer videos beyond the Transfirmer. I've never done the Wave, nor do I have one. I'm happy with the Transfirmer and Fanny Lifter.

I keep my equipment just under the side of my bed so that it's fairly easy to get them out and put them away. Sometimes I recruit a kid or two to help me take things out and put them away. They love to help, and sometimes they join me for exercise with step stools and light weights. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed that too lol! That is what I like about the internet, it helps us connect with likeminded people, more so, than offline. I do have the wave, I got it for Christmas 2 years ago and have used it a few times before I got pregnant and once since having the baby. It requires a lot of balance and I do feel my legs and abs contracting more with it while I'm doing the workouts. I've never heard of the fanny lifter or the old workouts - the first one I ever got was the transFIRMer with the 14-inch step. Maybe I will take a pic one day of my collection so far - I have several that I haven't even done yet and I've had them for a few years lol.

Since having my son, the 3rd bedroom is now taken but I still use his closet for storage and that is where they were until I moved them today to my room under my bed. I also had to put my treadmill and exercise bike in our bedroom - talk about cramped! However, I have no excuse now - it is all in easy access. Nothing to it but to actually DO it! =0

Sharon R said...


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I have my equipment and elliptical in my room. If my elliptical were anywhere else, it would be played with all the time, LOL. The kids still go in there for a run on occasion. :-)

When you get a chance to use the Wave more, let me know how it compares to the TransFirmer. The TransFirmer can be used with the Fanny Lifter and older videos, so that means if you get bored and want more Firm videos, you can get some for just a few dollars used off of (that's how I get most of mine), and if they are the older videos, that's okay, the Transfirmer will work.

The Fanny Lifter looks just like the Transfirmer, except it's a square instead of a rectangle.

Perhaps you and I could both do a post sometime, showing pictures of our Firm stuff, and we could see each other's vids and such, and get ideas for new ones. I wouldn't be able to link to you, though, as whenever I link to someone, they seem to get infected with my internet trolls. :-?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon R! :)

Joyful CH - If I can get maybe just a post done, then ok. But yes, like you said, don't link if it will bring these people you mentioned. That is so sad that you have to deal with that. I have some people, I guess you could call trolls, but they just lurk and occasionally spew out something in a comment. =0

I will have to look up those videos, since they work with the TransFIRMer, I would like to see your post of what you have if you do one.

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