What Our Table Means to Us

Some people may wonder - what is so special about a table?  However, to us and specifically to me - it means a whole lot.  Growing up in my family we would eat together at the table and have that closeness as a family but when my parents bought a television, it became the table's demise.  I was 9 years old when that television set came into our house and stole my family's bond, peacefulness and faithfulness.  However, something that sticks out in my mind all these years was how it made the table obsolete.  Instead of gathering around the table, praying and eating together, it was rather get your dinner and go to your new family - the television set.

I remember fondly those times at holidays when we sat at the table together and how weird it felt because it wasn't normal, but then also, how wonderful.  I remember some nights when my dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee and I would come and sit down and we would talk about God.  I remember staring down at the grooves in the table as he spoke and thinking upon them brings tears to my eyes.  Tears because thinking of the grooves in that table brings back those close times - at that table talking with my dad.  I remember when my parents got rid of that table a few years ago and how sad I was to hear it.  They didn't understand my attachment to it and what it meant to me.  I missed those times at the table.  I missed the togetherness of our family that was so hastily replaced by Hollywood.  I vowed to not let my family have the same fate.  Enter in.....our family table:

We fellowship together as a family at this table. There is togetherness here. There is love here. There are deep talks and funny stories shared here. This is where I teach my daughter God's Word and eventually my son.  This is where I school my children in the things they must know.  This is where we show hospitality to our friends.  This is what I want my table to mean to my children - for them to remember the good times that we spent together!  This is what our table means to us.