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1,375th Reason to Homeschool - Ungodly Socialization

My 1,375th reason to homeschool:

A middle school in New York has been managing complaints from angry parents after their daughters complained that they were forced to ask each other for kisses and pretend to be lovers during an anti-bullying presentation on homosexuality and gender identity.

It's ok everyone, this is just training on bullying, so it is perfectly alright!  Don't get in a huff because parents weren't 'notified' - we don't need your permission to teach the government's children the mandatory anti-bullying curriculum, you dropped them off to be babysat everyday, so you must trust us, right?  The public schools are going to teach your daughters what it is like to be sexually attracted to a girl, to kiss them and go on dates with them, so maybe they can see if they are really a lesbian and how it FEELS to be a lesbian.  Remember, you are leaving your children in the care of these schools and they have your children in good care.  No worries, just go on about your day and remember........this is good 'ole SOCIALIZATION going on down here at the public schools.  Lots of socializing - the public school way!  You know your children can't have socialization anywhere else but public school, this the only place your child can get socialized.  This is how we socialize at schools that leave out God:

"They also picked two girls to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date."

They didn't leave the boys out, oh no, this is public school education at its finest:

The workshop which divided the students by sex, also made a presentation to boys at the middle school who were advised to carry a condom in their pocket at all times and given tips on how to identify a "slut."

Again, don't worry parents - after all, the school superintendent knows best and wants to remind you that this training is REQUIRED by state law, so stop your belly-aching, these kids belong to them to teach as you so freely handed them over:

School Superintendent Paul Finch reportedly told The Poughkeepsie Journal that the presentations were "focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions."
"[We] may require more notification to parents" in the future, he said. He maintained, however, that the sessions are required under the state Dignity for All Students Act. It prohibits harassment and bullying in the classroom.

Now get back to your Facebooks and shopping ladies, the schools have your child's best interest at heart.  Remember, those poor homeschoolers will never get this type of socializing!

Read the full story here:


  1. Absolutely nauseating!!!! Praying for these student and that this is a wake up call to the parents of these children. This is just the beginning. I'm terrified of what is to come in our society. Welcome to modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. :( Come Lord Jesus, come!

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I'm a new follower of your blog and am still catching up on all of your entries.
    This story is gut-wrenching, and one I have heard of many times. And to think it was about 6 or 7 years ago that a friend of mine had a teenage boy freshman that was made to carry around a baby all day long as part of a "parent training" study. Back then, I was mortified. So you could only imagine how I feel now.
    Maybe they're doing this so we all become "accepting" of the recent athletes "coming out."
    ~Sharon R in Michigan

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Alicia - It won't get any better I don't believe, I'm just thankful we have the FREEDOM to choose our schooling methods for our children still!

    Sharon R - they are trying to "mold" the new generation to be tolerant and have no values. A society of anything goes, which goes against the absolutes of the Bible. Glad to have you as a new reader, hope you enjoy reading! :)

  4. I don't even know what to say about that.
    Here is a question that I would like to ask,being gay is accepted so much that I have a really hard time coming up with something to say any more.What do you think?

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Well, God has a LOT to say about homosexuality given his track record on the subject. He hated it so bad, he destroyed 2 cities permanently! Can you imagine how He feels now!?

    The Bible did tell us about this in 2 Tim. 3 and Romans that the time will come - and it is here. Men are lovers of their own selves (Narcissism =Facebook) and seekers of pleasure more than God (too many examples to list) working that which is unseemly (homosexuality). We are in the here and now.

    What you could say is what is truth, the Word of God - it will never get old. 2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

  6. Thank-you for the advice,I just find it so madding with people saying that it is the way they were born.I find that reason utterly poppycock!I am going to go over the scripture you pointed out.I just love your blog.Thank's for the help.

  7. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I got one for when they say they were born that way - tell them that they must, just like everyone else, be BORN AGAIN!! That is an excuse to stay they way they are, but Jesus said you must be born again! ;-)


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