Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Revival of the Homemaker

Something important is happening right now in our country, in a time when sin is rising to a new high and morals are dwindling - there is a revival of the homemaker.  Women are returning home to care for their families, homes and husbands. The interesting thing about this is that the internet is helping this as more and more women are feeling more confident in leaving their jobs to come home as they see countless blogs across our country that encourage homemaking.

There is also another factor in this revival and that is of homeschooling.  Women, who were of the "working" class are now seeing the benefits of homeschooling and jumping on board.  In essence, homeschooling is the driving force in bringing in the revival of the homemaker.  One prominent blogger, a woman whose profession was a doctor, decided to leave the 'success' and come home to homeschool her children and is encouraging others to do so as well.  Looking at our educational system, the test scores, the evil environment in schools these days is enough for some mothers to make that decision to come home and teach their own children.

How do we usher in this revival of the homemaker?  We encourage others to do so, giving them proof of why it IS right in God's Word for them to be what God made them to be.  When we learn to fall into that beautiful place that God made us for, we find fulfillment that no other job or thing can bring.  Harmony returns to the home and most importantly, the children understand the two distinct roles of the man and woman.

What is taking you so long mom, you will regret the time you weren't there for your children in your old age.  Wife, don't lean on your self and encourage your fears, rather have faith that God will provide if you do what is right.  Come home and enjoy the beauty of a God-called life!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I read your blog all the time and have for quite a while. This one in particular hits home for me though. Ive struggled with the opinions of family members and friends about home schooling and I needed to see this. I am a stay at home mom with an 8 yr old and 2 year old. Every day, I dread sending my son off to public school to be taught by a virtual stranger and to be looked after by people who are 'just doing there job'. I truly feel that I should be the one teaching my kids and I love taking care of my husband and home. Thanks for sticking to traditional values. I feel a lot less alone in the world when I read your words. God bless.

tealady said...

I couldn't agree with you more!I always felt if families really weighed the pros and cons they could see that that second income costs so much more when all is calculated in.Our families are being torn apart by media,music and all the other garbage being fed to our future, in our children.You know I back your posts 100%

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - that is so great and I'm so grateful that I can be an encouragement in that regard! I was alone among my friends at first, but now so many are seeing that there is something to this homeschooling thing. The great thing about the internet is that we learn we are not alone!

Tealady - so true, children need their mothers!! Investing in my children is the most worthwhile job that there could ever be and that is a success!

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