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Hair Update

I seriously don't know how my hair is growing so fast!  I thought growing 6 inches during pregnancy was fast, but since March, my hair has grown 4 1/2 inches!  It is now 48 1/2 inches long, which has me an inch and a half away from the longest my hair ever was in 2005 here.  I did have breakage and my ends thinned when I used a curling iron for a period of time a few months ago, but overall, my hair is still very healthy and full.

For new readers, I haven't cut my hair in about 14 years (Dec 99).  I don't even trim it at ALL.  My hair is my glory, so why would I want to cut it off?  I've found that women who cut their hair have split ends, but if you let your hair be its natural self, it will take care of itself.  If you blowdry, use products and heat, you will thin your hair and suffer breakage and split ends.  You can read my hair story here and go here for my Hair Care 101.


  1. Bev,
    Your hair is GORGEOUS!! My little girl (she's 7) loved it too! I'm wondering if you follow any sort of healthy eating plan to get your hair to grow so quickly and if you do, what is it? Your are right, your hair is definitely your glory!


  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Well, 80% of what I eat is healthy but I do eat about 20% junk and fast food LOL! =0 I don't eat a lot of protein and I've always been that way. Don't get me wrong, I like meat but I tend to eat more protein sources like eggs, peanut butter, avocados, fish and cheese. I'm a Dairy Queen - I love milk and cheese!! I eat a lot of grains, so I would say my "diet" is more aligned with the Mediterranean diet. I've found if I have too much protein, my hair starts falling out, looks dull and lifeless and my skin breaks out. I drink a lot of water - 9-12 cups a day.

    The only times in my life when I didn't let my hair air-dry, but used a blowdryer - it woudl break off and not grow. However, I did use heat and still get my hair to grow, like when I used to curl my hair with hot rollers a lot years ago, my hair grew long and healthy, though I did have a lot of split ends then. The blow-dryer to me is the most common cause of damaged, shortened hair that I know of. I know that perms also ruin your hair, making it thin, fragile, straw-looking and you will lose a lot of hair.

    I did pray on my hair after I lost 20 inches due to perms and God let it grow back and helped my ends be thicker instead of stringy like they were before. I do pray on my hair now that God helps it look nice, even when I use heat, I pray he protects it!! God cares about everything about us, even our hair, so prayer is key to what you want your hair to be! As my hair keeps growing and getting harder to deal with, I'm like "Ok God, how long will it get?" Evidently, he wants me to have long, long hair and I will try my best to cherish what He is giving me. It is a testimony to the world (and angels) that I'm submissive to my head - my husband. When you look at it that way and deny the fleshly temptations to be like everyone else, you find that letting your hair go uncut is actually a sacrifice to the Lord, not just a sign of submission to your husband.

    Since I'm on the topic, up until World War I, long, uncut hair was the NORM in the world! Women had long hair throughout all time and it wasn't even though of to cut it off until the first WW. With the first WW, also came women working, smoking and putting on men's clothing - pants. So in reality, women started moving away from being women; being feminine and moved toward the masculinity of the man. THAT has brought us to where we are today in the world - the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world; even for evil.

    No idea why I got off into all that lol, but thanks for the comment Tricia!! :)

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    P.S. Not sure if you notice the "wave" in my hair in different parts or not but I started getting wavy hair when I was pregnant with son last year. I have tight ringlet curls underneath my hair too! It is the craziest thing lol. I started getting a wave in the front on the sides and ends and I have waves on the underneath portion of my hair. I wonder if my hair is going to be wavy/curly instead of straight all over? I had a friend whose hair went very curly after her 3rd baby and is still that way. It is amazing how pregnancy can change our bodies and hair!

  4. I sure wish mine would grow like that!

  5. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Thank you Twocans! :)

  6. Beverly your hair is beautiful. I cut mine last year but after then I promised myself I would never cut it again. It is grown back nicely.

  7. Anonymous9:09 PM

    DeNiece that is awesome about your hair growing back! :) Thank you for the comment!

    What is so funny about cutting hair is, countless people have told me "if you cut it, it will grow longer" and there I am standing with hair past my rear end. I think they must remove their brain before they say that LOL.

  8. Beverly, I have to say that I do agree with you..My hair has grown nicer this year and I have not even so much as trimmed it. Plus my hubby loves it long :)

  9. How funny I am only 14.5" taller than your hair.I have been growing mt hair out for the past 2 years and I my hair grows really fast and in the past 2 years it has grown 10 inches.I hope mine gets that long,I get tired of only wearing it up.I am willing to try new ways of doing my hair.I am sure I am going to learn a lot from you.Also the one big difference I have made is I no longer dye my hair,and at 51 most women would.My hair is coming back a beautiful silver.

  10. Anonymous1:01 AM

    DeNiece - long hair is feminine, so no surprise that most men love it.

    Too funny tealady lol! That is awesome about how fast your hair is growing - amazing! I love silver hair on women, it is so beautiful. There is a lady in our church that went silver early and she has long flowing silver hair that is so beautiful.

  11. What awesome "glory" for the Lord! I love seeing your face by the way!!!

  12. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Thank you Chrissy, it was only briefly because I changed my mind again and covered my face up. Just not ready for that I guess.

  13. I really like your blog! I do not cut (also NOT trim) my hair since 2 1/2 years. It`s my glory and the Bible speaks about uncut hair - I would not cut one inch of my glory off :-)

    LORD Bless You!

  14. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Thank you Pfade der Vorzeit! :)

  15. I love your hair, I am growing out my crowning glory with the help of my boyfriend. He gives me a micro dusting every ten to twelve weeks. Mine is to my elbows now. The amount he takes off is so little you can barely see what he sweeps up, just the very tips to keep them even and remove split ends. No trips to the salon for this lady to let the scissor happy stylist defile my hair in some creepy looking fad style.

  16. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Thank you Keri!

  17. The Bible states a woman's hair should not be cut short, not that the ends should never be trimmed. Should a woman who has hair past her hips be chastised, when a woman with straggly hair just past her shoulders be praised? Too many women coming to church with butch hairdos. Supporting abortion and homosexual behavior. I think they need more time in Bible study. Not claiming they are Christians when they are clueless.

  18. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hi Keri, I don't want to debate any further but I do believe that the Bible tells us about 3 types of hair in 1 Cor. 11 - cut (shorn), uncut (unshorn) and shaven. Trimming is the same as cutting, it is just a smaller portion that is cut it is still shorn/sheared (cut with scissors). Uncut (unshorn) hair is what is considered right according to the passage. I'm not trying to offend you or be your judge, but stating my beliefs and I don't wish to debate you on those but I thought I would let your comment through to share with you this.

    Something to think about on what you said about hair length. I know several women that haven't cut their hair in many years, yet they can't get it to grow past their shoulders. In God's eyes, they are still following his Word - no matter how short their hair is. Black women in particular have a difficult time getting their hair to grow past their shoulders - so do you think they are butch? My ethnicity by nature makes my hair long when uncut but that doesn't make me more holy than my black sisters in the Lord. That is why it is important to not concentrate on length but rather, as God's Word explains - the uncut/unshorn hair, which can be any length depending upon a woman's ethnicity.

  19. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I do not think that a woman cutting her hair is *sinful*, but I do think that long hair is indeed glorious on a woman. Period.

  20. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Anonymous - It is in the Bible for a reason! :)


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