The Cost of Distraction

I read a moving article today on the Huffington Post, now I don't usually read there but this was a recommended read from someone that usually passes on great articles.  I cried because this was just what I was blogging about in that, we must live so that we don't regret it later on with our children.  However, she takes it further as she was hooked to electronic devices, namely the cell phone.  I know I would probably be hooked to one and that is why I don't have one.  I know I have the potential to be addicted to something like Facebook, so I don't have one (mind you, I don't want everyone's business in my head either).  I know myself - I know how easily addicted I can be to electronics - so I decided years ago to NOT be THAT woman.  I want to be present in my husband and children's lives.

I also don't commit myself to every activity because I know for each activity I commit to - that is more time, energy and distraction that pulls me away from my priorities - my family.  I see a lot of moms who do a lot outside of the home and over-commit themselves to the point they give their husband and children the scraps from the table, so to speak.  They try to do all this "good" and the forsake the best.  In the end, whether you sang in the choir, taught other people's children, or cooked for 50 people every week, won't matter much when your children decide to leave God and you because mom didn't count them as her greatest ministry.  Women without children are the ones who have the time to devote to those things, but women with children have a ministry that they should not forsake - and it is at home!  Getting the praise of men seems to be more important these days than getting the praise of our family.

Pro 31:28  Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. 

You all have to read this - if it doesn't make you search your heart and change a few things in relation to your family then check your pulse!

"Mentally, I could acknowledge my life's abundant blessings, but I didn't really see them or feel them because I was too focused on my life's abundant distractions. Too many commitments. Too many screens. Too many self-induced pressures to be all and do all. Too many unachievable standards. Too many to-do's and never enough time.
And when you're overbooked, hurried, and clinging to the electronic device, there's very little time to laugh, rest, play, and simply BE. And that's when the smile on your face tends to disappear.
Although I managed to plaster on a smile in public, my face wore a frown in the privacy of my home. You see, when you are living a highly distracted life, nothing -- not even the beautiful faces of your loving family -- can bring you joy."