Foods To Grow Healthy Hair

I did a hair update in September and you can see my ends were thick.  However, since using my curling wand more the past few months, my ends have become thinner and my hair drier.  I've been doing a lot more coconut oil treatments as well to try and help some of the damage.  I did it today since I curled my hair on Thanksgiving and here is how it looks fully coated with 1/2 cup of coconut oil!  Yes, it took 1/2 cup because my hair literally soaked up the first layer I put on and that is when I knew it was very, very dry.  I don't know if I will stop using my curling wand because I love how it looks, but I also don't want my hair to look dried out - so I will just keep a watch on it.

I was reading The Hair Bible and noticed that the list of foods that help you grow healthy hair is basically what I eat already.  They mentioned that calcium is really good for healthy hair and as you all may know, I'm a dairy queen - I love milk and cheese and get 3 servings daily usually.  So for all those that have asked me what helps my hair grow healthy, the ones I eat from their list are salmon, sardines, eggs, lentils, kale, spinach, brown rice and seaweed.

They also listed the top 12 snacks for hair in this book and some that I eat are sunflower seeds, bananas, oranges, strawberries, milk and whole-grain cereal.  From their list of foods for shiny hair, I use flax seed, sunflower seeds, olive oil, apples and chickpeas.

So if you want to grow healthy hair from the root, eat those foods and stay well-nourished and hydrated!