Thursday, January 9, 2014

God Can't Provide If You Have Another Baby

Want to hear how ignorant our world is today?  Not even the "world" but some Christians are even effected by faithless talk.  One of the things is the "danger" of having too many children or even any at all!  Have you ever had anyone say any of these things to you?

  • Don't have them if you can't afford them
  • I can't afford any more children
  • Children cost too much
  • I'd rather have pets than children, they are cheaper
  • I want a house, so no kids for me

I find it very alarming that today's Christian can think that God couldn't provide if you have a child(ren).  Sure they can have faith for all other things but when it comes to children, faith is out of the picture because God just can't provide for too many little rugrats.  They just aren't important enough for God to provide finances for, so don't dare have too many or you will end up on the streets with God shaking his finger at you telling you "I told you so."

Close up your wombs, swallow some abortion/birth control pills and do all you can to prevent these things being born.  We can't afford to bring another child into the world, another mouth to feed, another child to care about.  God can't afford to give you more provision for another little nuisance.  

What they are really saying is that God will somehow punish you for having children by bankrupting your family if you dare bear any offspring or one too many.  Children are expensive to those that don't value what life is all about.  Those that are so focused on material goods and money tend to view children as a liability.  I find this a bit disturbing seeing how God warned us about riches and the love of money in the bible:

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Has anyone ever seen a warning in scripture about the "love of children" being the root of all evil or of financial distress because I can't find it?  However, most Christians covet after money but shun children - and GOD called children a blessing!  Yet, they don't want what God views as a blessing, rather they bash it as something you should do everything possible to prevent.

Psalm 127:3-5

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. 

Men try to seek money to be happy but they find that it only corrupts and gives them sorrows in the end.  What did God say would make a man happy?  Having his quiver full of these arrows - children!  Someone to take care of him when he is too old to care for himself.  It's called a FAMILY and this society seems to want to do away with the family and sadly, many Christians are so ignorant, they are helping this come to fruition by their anti-children speech.

Psalm 128:3
Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table. 

For every child we've had, God has provided just that much more.  My children have NEVER been without - ever!  God has actually OVER-provided to where they have clothes, toys and food busting out of this place.  You mean to tell me if I have another one that God will decide to close up shop and stop providing for us?  What a fool!  

So the next time someone criticizes your choice for having a child or another child for any of the above reasons - remind them that you serve a God that is able to provide for all the blessings that HE gives!  Last I checked, God ain't broke!

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tealady said...

Yes it does appear that people are so out spoken about how you should or should not have children personally I think it is nunya (none of your business).

There will always be families who will have a lot of children and not be able to financially support them.I come from a small village in Wisconsin and there were at least 4 families that had 12 or more children and one family had 23 and yet all of them were fed and clothed.

My husband had 3 daughters and I had 1 son,I have always wanted a large family( I have 4 siblings) and we were not able to have any together so we did foster care and so I had a large family so we had 10 of us.

God gave you your babies so I say enjoy and tell some people nunya!

Linda said...

Very good post, Bev. We truly can testify to God's provisions. We will shortly be a family of 10 including my husband and I. I've always told the children that God is the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills. I've allowed them to see and know when we are short on money and can't or won't spend undo money. I've done this on purpose for several reasons, but one being that I want them to see God at work. I've also allowed them to see and know when God promoted us with prosperity. I've also showed them God's blessings and how non-coincidental it was. God truly provides for all our needs. This year, my husband and I, chose not to do Christmas presents. We have always tried to stick to the meaning of Christmas and be very Christ's birthday oriented and not my day type of Christmas. We do presents but keep them very limited because we want to emphasis Christ and what it means to be His gift to us. So we decided not to do physical presents this year because my husband is going to college this year and we felt we didn't need to spend money even though we have ample savings, college is paid for, and he even worked full time during the month of December since he was off for the holidays on break.( This also being a blessing from God considering that not most employers will hire you and let you work like this, while some people haven't found a job in months.) Instead we decided to draw names out and give each other a gift of love and sacrifice. We each got a name and we had to do something that did not cost money for the person and that would delight and bless them. My husband got our 13 yr. old, so his gift was to do the supper dishes/kitchen duty 12 times so he could have the night off. My 4 yr. old got the 15 yr. old, and her gift was 12 dinner plate size desserts, distributed over 6 months(or one every 2 weeks.) Not only did she love every minute of making them with my help, but was delighted to see his expression when he got his plate full of brownies.....But to show you God's provision...without us even asking....Our neighbor brought them each a present and money, another brought us a spiral ham, another brought each one of my children shoes, and two different families from church gave my children treat bags with several large candy bars, apples, oranges, money, small toys, etc. We sometimes are speechless at God's great love and concern for us. We were not in need, just thrifty, yet God made sure to place us under His great provision. Someone warned me when I had my third that I needed to think about how we were going to provide for them. I felt then just as I do now. If He gives them to us to raise and nurture then He will provide. Sorry so long, but God is good and I wanted to share this with you.

Anonymous said...

Tealady - I agree. I don't go around to people and say "why aren't you having anymore" but seems like everyone thinks it is ok to come up to us and say "you are done right" or "I'm ok with you having more if you can afford them" as if we need to get their approval. Nunya is exactly right! ;-)

Linda - what an awesome testimony of God's provisions!! I love having you and some other ladies as friends that can testify of the fact that God isn't limited. You are an encouragement to me!!! :-) We also had a present-less Christmas this year for the first time and it was great, my daughter is still telling others about it!

Anonymous said...

Great Post. Back in the day big families were extremely common yet poverty was very low. Big families make for a happier and healthier family. People tease me for wanting 6 kids. I say Six kids used to be a small family now it is huge! While God will look after his children and if he blesses you with a child you can trust that he will help you provide for that child. Women these days are trying to prevent children with birth controls or even more despicable abortion. Motherhood is a great role a vital role to a successful nation. It seems like our country has forgotten this.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous, seems like when people concentrated on family instead of posessions, we had less poverty and more happiness. I had comments when I wanted my 2nd child but now that I want my 3rd, I'm now a weirdo and supposedly having 3 is a "big" family these days and 6 is well.....a ginormous family LOL. Think of all of the grandkids and all the support in old age - that is what I try to tell people. Be the hand that rocks the cradle and you can find a hand when you are in your rocking chair!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's money that was going to be spent anyways! Why not on children? No, we cannot live forever on THIS Earth, but on THIS Earth we can live forever through our children and our children's children's!!!

Anonymous said...

Very true Anonymous! One could say it comes down to a decision of having something you can take to heaven with or just having "stuff". I see so many people buying houses that they can't afford because if they could afford them, they would pay cash. Yet, that is OK in our society today - it is OK to have debt but not children. Everyone wants to criticize those that have children but not many would criticize those that have debt because they choose that too. Where your treasure is.......there will your heart be also.

Another thing my husband and I were talking about recently and even my daughter realized this - some people's family tree will END in this generation. I also just read a news story last night that said in a study they found that only less than half of milennials want children. What a shame this generation of women's rights has brought upon America and even the world - there will be a day of reckoning for those that taught this and especially those that taught in a house of God!

Mariel said...

Thank you for this post. I have just stumbled upon your blog and really like reading it. I have struggled with our decision to not have more children. It really is not our decision, but my husband does not want more. In the end, I must honor my husband by submitting to his wishes.

Anonymous said...

I read this and I am so torn! I'm pregnant with my 6th child and our marriage has gotten really bad. We are getting help to try to save our marriage. However my husband has turned into a huge alcoholic, verbaly abusive, and it's just a bad situation. He has put alcohol before everything, including God. I want to finish my education so if I have to support my kids alone, I can. I honestly don't want to get pregnant again because we will barely be able to afford daycare for me going to college. Please no rude comments. I just want to ask opinions on what should a Christian do in a situation like this? Abstance? Get my tubes tied? He has put our family in a horrible situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous - this post was about stating that God can provide for our children. Your situation is one that I would honestly have no idea in how to advise you, I would think that your Pastor would be the best person to do so. I'm so sorry to hear of your circumstances but I wouldn't want to say something and it be wrong, so that is why I'm referring you to your Pastor.

Unknown said...

I love this! My husband and I have felt led by God to have a 4th child. We live in a 2 bedroom home, he doesnt make a lot of money and I stay home and homeschool my children (5, 4 & 2). A friend of mine yesterday said I really need to pray long and hard about having another baby due to us not being able to afford it and we need to get our "marraige issues" worked out before we have another. We are doing okay in our marriage, but not on the verge of divorce or anything. If we all waited until our marriage "issues" were resolved, we would be in heaven!!! I searched about this topic after she said that to me, and I found your article! What a blessing! God has shown me how much my faith has grown after her saying that comment to me. It saddens me that Christians think this way. We are to have faith --- that means believing and trusting in God no matter what our circumstance.

Bev said...

You do need to pray long and hard but only because you want God to part of your plans! I agree, if we waited until things were perfect, we would never children but maybe your friend was just concerned. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by!

Kendra said...

Thank you for this post. It has made me really examine my heart. I have a little boy who is the light of my life, and my heart aches to have a second- a sibling for him to grow up with (or more!). However, my husband and I have killer student loan debt and had to move back in with my parents after we both had completely finished college because of the high repayments. I'm a 2nd grade teacher at a Christian elementary school, so my salary is quite low- but I'm doing the work of God and I wouldn't trade that for a job with a comfortable salary. This has made my husband and I doubt that we could ever have even one more child, but I guess we aren't relying on God enough here. Thank you for giving me some hope tonight that God can still provide enough to get us out of this situation and have another child.

Bev said...

Kendra - nothing is too hard for God and what we think is impossible - is not! I've heard stories like yours and you never know the ways God could work it out, of course you have to do your part and be committed to the goal of getting out of debt and/or having a child. I've learned sometimes God let me go through things to learn from them so I wouldn't do them again, especially with finances. We spent some long hard years paying off medical bills because we chose to go without insurance and tragedy struck and left us with a ton of debt. Needless to say - those years of digging our way out are unforgettable and did we learn LOL! The Bible says tribulation worketh patience and then patience experience and experience - hope. You CAN get through this and rise above it!

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