A Look Back on 2013

My goals for 2013 were to adapt and I believe I have finally done that towards the ending of this year.  That is adapting to the new baby and how that changed all our lives!  My son has changed me as a person just as my daughter did and I've learned that God gives us children to change us and make us better.  I wonder what I would be without them, it is an alarming thought because my children have made me a better person.  With each one that has come, there is more refining done and the selfishness I once used to be full of is but a fading memory.

I would have to say that this was the year of.....LETTING GO.  I learned to let go of the perfectionism that ruled me and to let things be - physically, mentally and even spiritually.  Just a few weeks ago, I started to learn to let go of something I've been carrying around for a long time that has done damage on me but I feel it is time to be delivered fully.  I've learn to let go of what others thought that we should be doing with our lives and let God lead us.  I've realized that what people think we are "supposed" to be doing, can be entirely different from what God wants us to do - I've learned to follow Him in that regard - obey now, understand later.

I've also learned this past year a lot about myself and why some things make me upset and why I feel certain ways about things - a lot of light-bulb moments!  Dealing with our own faults, insecurities and issues is a full-time job right?

Here are some of the most memorable posts of 2013: