What Makes Me Happy At 34 vs. 24

I know that 34 is not old but I feel older with more wisdom than my 20's for sure!  I've been really happy lately and I was thinking on how I love the life that God has given me.  What makes me happy at 34 is different than what made me happy at 24.  When I was 24, I was a new mom of a 1 year old but I was self-centered.  I spent a lot of time and money on clothing with matching purses and shoes, exercise (2 hours a day!) and anything else that was about ME.  Looking back, I wish I would have been there more for my daughter instead of spending so much time on foolish things that don't really matter in the end.

Being a decade older now with a 1 year old, I feel I'm much better prepared for this as I've learned contentment and what is really important in life.  I cherish the moments with my son as I know how fast they go by and I cherish moments more with my 10 year old daughter as she grows into womanhood in coming years.  I'm completely happy with being a mother and a wife.  I honestly didn't know it would bring this much joy and with each child I have, it truly does multiply that love as the Duggars so often say.  I love my life!!

Being happy with human beings more than fabric is a big one for me.  I see so many who are caught up in that girl that I used to be with clothing, material goods and excessive time spent on SELF.  However, some seem to never come to that place of realization like I did about what is really valuable.  They continue on with this self-centered life and let those best years with their children (or no children) pass them by.  WAKE UP I say!!  Wake up to realize that the house, redecorating, new outfit, car or whatever it may be, is not the place to find your happiness.  Find it in your husband, children and God and you will be able to think on those wonderful days that you were present in their lives when you are old, with lots of time on your hands to THINK about what your life was full of.