On Common Core Math Homework

It is all over the news, so you have probably heard about how so many parents are upset about the Common Core math homework.  For one, it is stupid and doesn't make sense and the wrong answer is the right answer in some cases.  However, I'm not here to bash it - we all know Common Core is faulty.  I'm here to say something to the parents who are complaining:

If you won't teach your own children at home, then don't whine when you send them to total strangers and get a taxpayer-paid education for your children!  I mean seriously - if you don't like it, do what a friend of mine is doing and pull your child out and teach them yourself!!  If you don't trust the people you leave your child with 8 hours a day - then, don't you think it is time to stop taking the stupid pills?  The blame only lies on the parent(s) as you are the one ultimately responsible before God for the "way" you let your children be taught.

Also, though this isn't related to Common Core - so many parents talk about how their child can't read, they can't do this or that and they let them continue to go on through each grade like this.  What I want to know is this.........why can't you, as a parent, teach your child these things?  I mean, you could even do it AFTER school - there are many parents who "after-school" just Google it!  There is no excuse for a child being left behind in education, there is only the parents to blame in the end.  

This isn't the popular thing to say but it is truth and we all know how well truth is accepted these days.  However, think about it for a while and let it really sink in and you will see what so many others see - God holds the parent responsible.  I said, God holds the parent responsible - not the teacher, preacher or nanny - YOU!