Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Things People Won't Talk About

Or in other words - HOT TOPICS!  Just what is a hot topic?  To me, it is something that once spoken about or brought up, brings a firestorm of criticism because it is a sensitive topic to some people.  It is also something that is generally about truth and of God and that rubs the devil the wrong way. 

Some hot topics I've blogged about on here that have ruffled feathers are:

  1. Holiness - especially when you bring up living right
  2. Hair - this is a big one for women
  3. Proper roles of a man and woman 
  4. Birth control
  5. Keeper at Home
  6. Debt - envy and covetousness are neighbors
  7. Training Children in Godly education
  8. Social media - busybody much?
  9. Dress

Most people wouldn't dare talk about these topics because they prefer popularity or a smooth religion of no offense.  People are more concerned about offending someone than saving that person's soul from hell.  There are those that will go to hell unoffended because of your lack of standing for the truth!  There are those that will go to hell because they didn't want to offend.  Truly, the bible is offensive to those that don't follow it!  You might as well get over that and make sure you are a light to the world.

"Well, I don't want to scare all of my Facebook friends away by sharing something truthful."  So really what you are saying is that you value popularity or people liking you MORE than you value their souls.  Pastors are more concerned about being like the flock or popular among the flock, then actually being an example before the flock.  Didn't the Bible say that preachers should be instant in season and out of season?  Obviously, they will be hated if they preach and teach the truth.

Let's get busy talking and sharing the truth - there may not be much time left to share the gospel anymore in this country - as indicators have already showed us that we will (eventually) be silenced in some way.  Most people are already living like we are there already and that God is dead. 

What do you care more about?  Souls or your own reputation, popularity and "friends"?  A true friend will tell you the truth!  A true friend will tell you that the bridge is out ahead and scream for you to stop!  Will you be that true friend?  Or will you rather send people to hell by being their enemy and keeping the truth you know and the light you have, hid? 

*Note - there is a time and place to everything, I know people like to misconstrue my posts so I'm putting this in here for your benefit.  You don't go around just telling everyone off - God will lead you in a time and/or place to share God's truth.  However, if you are silent about it all the time, then who are you really trying to please?

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Tricia said...

Hi Bev,
I'd love to see more posts about hair--why we are to keep it long, how to care for it, style tips, etc. I see SO many women with short, manly hairstyles and I can't help but wonder if they just don't know the Biblical view of a woman's hair! I see this especially in older women--not sure if there is a real reason why older women cut their hair super short or if they think it's convenient, etc. Just an idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm due for another hair post, it has been a while! One thing I could say now about hair is that it is an obedience issue to God and a sign of submission to one's husband. A lot of religious people like to claim they can do whatever they want in regards to hair but God clearly laid out the instruction for us. Really, nature speaks louder than I could about it. Hopefully, I can blog on that soon Tricia, thanks for the vote! said...

Amen!! If we love them...we will tell them the love. Jesus did this at the well with the woman. And if we are to be like Christ...we must love those we are blessed to be with.
Thank you for your posts and keep loving the Lord and serving Him well. Also...miss your wonderful organizational and money saving tips on YouTube. I LOVED your month of meals videos. I watched them and then stocked up!! :)

Again, keep speaking the truth, serving Him and encouraging all in your blog to serving the Lord,

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to hear about hair as well. I'm not sure what the Bible says on hair, so I would appreciate that as well

Anonymous said...

Thank you HealthLiving4Him for sharing that! I miss doing videos actually and I keep getting new subscribers weekly - so I better come up with something LOL! I have more subscribers to my videos than I do my email here. Just wish I had more time but now that I'm pregnant and not able to do as much, that means more sitting haha, so more time for blogging! :-)

Anonymous - thanks for the vote!

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