Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Choose Money Over Children

The President that resides in office currently, who has brought this nation to a detrimental point as never seen before in morality and debt - has now declared that he wants you to choose money over your children.  Well, he would have to say that right?  How else is he going to get women working to pay more taxes for all the junk that he threw on Americans in his presidency?  He needs us all to be his slaves and see dollar signs and forget the important things in life - you know FAMILY and GOD!

Obama's remarks to Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island this past Friday

“Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make,” Obama said. “So let’s make this happen: By the end of this decade, let’s enroll 6 million children in high-quality preschool, and let’s make sure that we are making America stronger.”

Wow, this reminds me of Hitler and the like who want to take the minds of the children as early as possible to make them into what THEY want them to be and turn off the influence of the parents.  

So ladies, we should close this blog down, I mean after all - we DESERVE to throw our kids off on someone else all day and go make some money to buy more stuff.  This is what the President of the United States is advocating - money over children.  Children are a complete waste of time - let someone else deal with them all day.  Let's raise the taxes so we can all escape our prison of being at home raising children and making our homes better, so that we can work for some business that will give us money to blow on Louis Vuitton bags because you know that is WAY more coveted after in this society than children ever will be. 

Obviously, I'm being facetious.  My children are more important than a dollar bill. I would rather live in a rusty, worn-down dump of a house eating soup beans and cornbread and wearing rags and do God's will of raising my children and keeping the home - than sitting in some office working for someone else and living in a shiny, fancy house eating steak and dump my children off on someone else.  I choose what is of value - my children and husband and following God's Word of staying home, loving and bearing children and loving my husband!  

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Christy Reed said...

Amen to that! If women stayed home and cared for their kids, maybe our country wouldn't be so messed up (if they taught their kids about God, you know it wouldn't be).

HealthyLiving4Him.wordpress.com said...

Thanks for sharing this!! With election day today, I see in my state a real concern for our leadership in the role of Governor. I honestly have not been this passionate a about a state level leadership as we have had conservative leadership for several decades. Now...I hear a person who espouses similar political beliefs as you have shared. We must stand firm and we must serve the Lord in all things!! We must be sure to share our concerns and we must be sure to share the love of Jesus. We also must be sure to love and educate our children in the Word.

Thanks for sharing!! Keep serving Him well,

Jessica said...


If you're staying home with your kids, unless you're abusing or neglecting them, your kids are most likely getting much better care than any daycare/preschool could offer! I briefly put my oldest in preschool (even though I've always been a stay-at-home-mom) for "social interaction". That lasted 3 weeks (2 half-days a week) because every time I went to pick him up the kids were all just sitting in a room watching TV!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! ;-)

DeNiece Barnes said...

Amen and well said. I too love my kids more then a dollar bill. I love been with my children and not putting them in someone else's care all day.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks DeNiece! :-)

tealady said...

That is just stupid.

Christian Homekeeper said...

True tealady! ;-)

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