I Won't Do It God

Upon learning we were pregnant with our 3rd child, we knew we were going to have to get a van or a larger vehicle to hold 2 carseats and our older daughter.  We had figured based upon prices of vans these days, we would have to get a car loan and go back into debt because there just wasn't any other way.  However, upon remembrance of the many points in our lives the past 6 years where we thought there was just "no other way," God always showed up and provided that way!  I thought this was too big and there just wasn't enough time to save up for the van and I gave in to thinking we would have to go into debt for a vehicle.  

I was thinking of a man from India I spoke with on the phone in a scam call and how I told him I know he is lying and this was a scam and I started witnessing to Him about Jesus.  I told him that Jesus could give him another job where he didn't have to lie.  He told me He believed in God but there was no other job for him to do and God hasn't answered his prayers.  Upon ending the phone call, after telling him I would pray for him and a miracle, the thought occurred to me that if he would just tell God, "God, I won't lie just to keep a job, I will not sin against you because I will trust you to give me a job I don't have to lie for" then I believe God would give him a miracle.

After that, I was listening to a presentation online from Dave Ramsey and something he said pierced my soul and made me pause the video and cry.  I realized that I thought God wasn't big enough to provide us with the vehicle we needed and that the only place to turn to was Wells Fargo or Bank of America for a loan.  Dave Ramsey was speaking of how God OWNS IT ALL - why would we look to another when we are His children? Then, I remembered what I thought about the Indian man and so....I took my own advice and told God, "God, I won't do it!  I won't go back into debt that you dug us out from.  I will believe that you will provide for us and trust you."

I then spoke with my husband about what I felt and he agreed, he wasn't going to go into debt again either and we shook on it.  We decided to keep our small car and get some slimmer car seats and make it work until God provides for the means for something else for our family and in the meantime, we will continue to save for our goals - which are moving to Ohio and a van.

Now, if that Indian phone scammer calls back, I will be ready to tell him what I got in prayer for him and I will know that I have also practiced the faith part in my own life!  I won't do it God!!  I told God I wouldn't do it for our medical bill situation months ago and God came on the scene with miracles.  He is still the same God right now and I have too many miracles in my life to believe that God is broke now.  No....my God owns it all!