Jesus Was in a Large Family

I was thinking of how many people today ridicule you if you have more than one child - or some, even if you have any at all!  How opposite it is of Hannah in the Bible that suffered disgrace for NOT having children - today, women will taunt you if you DO have children.  Satan has really reversed more than just gender these days, he has reversed thoughts on children and family.

If Jesus were born in our society today, you can believe that Mary and Joseph would also suffer the criticism because they had a large family.  The bible tells us of at least 7 children, Jesus being one, but many believe they had more.  A family of 7 today would really be a spectacle and even church people would say to Jesus' family things like: "Don't you know what causes that?" or "Can you afford them?" 

Isn't it amazing how what is really "normal" is considered abnormal today?  What God calls a blessing all throughout the bible, people today call it a curse?  What God called and used as a curse, women today are doing whatever they can to get that curse!  Well, it is easy to understand when you look at all the other reversals in society - men acting like women, women acting like men and doing their jobs and vice versa, people switching gender and having sex with the same sex and marrying the same sex.  Satan is pretty much trying to make God angry and sadly, in the arena of Godly offspring - he is winning.

I suppose you could decide to not have children and tell God to keep His 'blessings' of children to Himself and rather give you the blessings of stuff.  However, I've talked to too many women over the years in their 40's and older that regret that decision and they live in that deep regret forever.  It isn't something you just can just change and get later - once your fertility is over, it is over!  Make sure you are desiring the right things in life, whatever you choose, you will live with.  I don't care who told you to prevent - it is ultimately your decision and they don't have to live with that - YOU DO!

What happens to a society that stops desiring children or doesn't think family is important anymore?  They become full of sin and debt.  There are more televisions in U.S. households than there are children - that alone is pretty telling on the desires of our society.  Those households are also full of debt on average in the thousands. 

Families of 6 to 10 children were very common 50 years ago; now government-sponsored monstrosities like feminism, lesbianism, the public school system, abortion, Planned Parenthood, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Hellivision have successfully reduced today's family down to a shocking 0.90 children per family in 2004 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. - quote from

I myself know what it is like to desire children and not be able to get pregnant.  God has given me 3 miracles that I never thought I would be able to have but I do know others who were not able to conceive and it is sad.  I also know of others who got permanent sterilization and have lived to regret it.  However, there is still hope - it is called adoption!  There are organizations for Christians that will pay some or all of your costs to adopt.  So many orphans NEED loving Christians to care for them and bring them in to their home.   You can also do foster care to adoption to help with the costs or eliminate them altogether.  If my husband would let me, I would adopt, I've always wanted to just take a bunch of those kids in and love them and raise them.  Who knows what the future holds?  My heart is open and willing to God's blessings - either of the womb or another way, I will welcome them all!!