When Your Budget Comes Up Short

What do you do when your budget comes up short?  When there just isn't enough income to take care of your outgo?  We have had many times in our married lives when it just would NOT work on paper.  But you know what?  God always made it work somehow!

Most Americans spend MORE than they make, so how do they make it?  DEBT - they live on credit and after years of this, it one day will catch up with them when they reach their limits on their 10 credit cards and there is no money to pay the bills.  Then, they reason that it must be ok to file bankruptcy and that is the only hope.  So they decide that they won't pay back all of those people they owe and just let some legal jargon erase it all.  Do they then learn to live a debt-free lifestyle?  Oh no......back into debt they go because they never learned their lesson and so the cycle begins again.

What if you are debt-free and you live by the principles of the Bible but you still don't have enough income to keep up with rising cost-of-living costs?  That is where FAITH comes into the picture!  It is time to see God move on your behalf and show you that He will meet all of your needs.  I love this mp4 of Gil Bates telling about this very faith in finances and I highly recommend it:

How to Support a Family of 19 Without a Salary

With rising health insurance and medical costs, many families are starting to come up short.  I used to think it was wrong for Christians to use Medicaid (not Medicare; that is for the older).  It is a welfare-type program for health coverage but it is getting to the point for all of us that it is almost impossible to afford health care.  A friend of mine, who has a family of 8, got their health insurance premiums raised to $1,700 a month!  That is just the premium, not the deductible or copays.  How in the world, can a family afford that?  For some, it has reached the point of ridiculous and in such cases, they go on Medicaid in order to feed their family.  There are Christian sharing ministries that would work in this case, but the monthly share is rising on those as well to over $400 a month and then you have to pay all bills under $300 a month after that before you can get anything covered.  We are running out of options - so this is a question of mine, what do you all think of this?

We need to pray for God to meet each and every need we have in our lives.  We have not, because we don't ask!  Bring your needs before the Lord, even your wants.  Then wait for God to meet them and trust and believe in Him.  Also take care of the rest of your money and handle it wisely and seek God to show you ways you can cut more in your budget.  Never stop paying your tithes as long as you are getting an income, that is like cutting off YOUR blessings.  Think of the woman in the bible that gave all she had - she has forever been given a memorial of her faith to all of us and that speaks!!