A Look Back on 2014

Is 2014 really almost over already!?  This year was full of many problems in my body but thank God they came with miracles!  I had a miscarriage we believe, though it was very early on and then shortly after, I couldn't stopped vomiting for hours and ended up in an ambulance.  We found out that my gallbladder had stop pumping out bile and they still aren't sure why but I had it removed and upon removing it, the surgeon saw my appendix was about to rupture and he decided to remove it and save my life!  Recovery was difficult and ended me back up in the hospital and then 5 long months of daily diarrhea and pain of which God healed me in a revival service!  After barely getting over that miracle, I found out I was pregnant!  A few weeks later, I was gushing blood thinking my pregnancy was over but God moved again and the baby survived!

Then......yes, it keeps going on LOL!! A tumor was found that they originally thought was a cyst but now they weren't sure what it was and it could cause me to lose the baby.  After praying and having others pray, we recently went for an ultrasound by the director of the maternal-fetal medicine specialists and he couldn't even find the tumor!!!!!!!!

Finally, I got the worst case of the flu I've ever had and spent about 2 weeks in bed suffering.  One day, I really believed I was going to die and called my parents wailing loudly and my mom prayed on the phone for me so strong, just like I remember her praying years ago.  I also had my pastor and others pray - I was ready to go and then surprised I didn't die.  I know that sounds crazy but it was really that bad!!  The baby and I made it through thanks to God coming on the scene again!

So........even though this year was a scary, painful year in my body - God met each one with a miracle and I will look back on this post in times of fear in future years to be reminded of God's power.

Here are some notable posts from this past year: