Tempting God?

I have been asked for advice on special situations in people's lives when it comes to birth control and children.  I've always told people that it is between them and God and their spouse - my opinion is just that - an opinion.  There has been circumstances of where the woman was medically at risk if she was to have children and my opinion was in those cases, you shouldn't risk it.  Although, when it came to my own personal life after a difficult pregnancy, I wasn't so sure.  I felt that God allowed us to have another child but I'm not 100% sure that I should have more if this one ends in a c-section.  That is something I will have to be in much prayer about and discuss with my husband.

I'm not Catholic but something that Pope Francis said recently, really made me think.  I put the quote below and he talks of a woman who had 7 c-sections and is pregnant again.  He basically says she is tempting God and could leave those 7 children orphans as she could die.  I can see how that woman should have probably stopped a while ago since she had so many surgeries BUT there has been successful and safe c-sections up to 13.  Past 13 is probably really tempting God but is she wrong?  Was God wrong to give her another child?  God is the giver of life, not us.

Pope Francis reaffirmed his rejection of population-control programs as an example of ideological colonization and his praise of Blessed Paul VI for defending Catholic teaching against contraception.

But "this does not mean a Christian must make children one after another," the pope said, citing the case of a woman who became pregnant an eighth time after giving birth to seven children via cesarean section.

"Does she want to leave seven orphans?" he said. "This is tempting God."

"Some people think -- excuse me for saying this -- that to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits," Pope Francis said, yet church teaching provides for "many licit ways" to limit reproduction. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1500255.htm

What do you think?   Was this woman tempting God?  How do you define tempting God?  Where in the Bible does it show people tempting God by having another child?  It seems good to say what he said and reasonable to our human minds but it is right and Biblical?

There are women that die having ONE child - so maybe they shouldn't have tempted God by even getting pregnant.  Maybe you are tempting God by going to the store or to church when you are very ill.  Who decides what things fall under tempting God?  The woman in Australia must have "tempted God" after having her 13th c-section but God let her live.  Another woman in America died giving birth to her first child, so she must have "tempted God" beyond His limits for her right?  I hope that you can see through the illogical conclusions of this man's reasoning.  We can rest assured in God's Word that He will not put more on us than we can bear, He is still the maker of life and still in control.  Just follow His will for your life that you get in prayer and you can't go wrong!