Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Times are SO Bad Now

Times are so bad now, the schools are so bad now, the government is so bad now...

Well - times are not "so bad" just now - they were already BAD many, many years ago when they took GOD out of schools and the government.  I guess you have to decide what you personally feel is "bad".  It is either your children not being taught about God and excluding Him from their day or it is a long list of things that ends at, "Oh my goodness, they are teaching about gays now, I can't let my kid hear that."  It was ok to let them hear that God wasn't real, that He didn't create anything, and all that goes along with humanistic education but now that they are teaching changing families, it is a disgrace.

It is time to realize that it was a disgrace when they took God out!  That is more awful than a gay, than a transgender, than gay marriage, and all the other perversions they can come up with.  God is more important.

The government decided that killing babies was ok but that's ok because who cares about children, must less having them, these days anyway.  That isn't a fight many Christians wanted to have because hey, they were sold on birth control - which commonly kills babies every year since they made their uterus a killing machine.

We have let all these things slip for the past 70 years and what we have today is the generations of children raised by the parents that allowed these horrors.  They were caught up in the American "dream" of having a house and all they could fill with it that they put money above family, education and God.  What we have left is the result - the "times are so bad NOW" syndrome.

Thank God we have those that will still fight for what is right and try to save this great country but is it too late?
Can generation X turn the tide of the boomers and the mothers that left their homes to work and decades of neglect?  Can we change that most adults today need psychotherapy and antidepressants because of the neglect of their parents?  Can we change the many lives that aren't even sure their own gender because they didn't see the distinction in their homes or those around them? Can we undo any of this!?!?

What kind of children will we raise - ones that continue the cycle or ones that break the cycle!!  The future is in your hands mother, you can raise that generation that WILL turn the tide, that WILL get back to the truth and holiness!!

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DeNiece Barnes said...

Beverly, I loved this post. All I can say is these post is needed for the world today. Prayers my dear friend.

Bev said...

Thank you DeNiece!

tealady said...

The problem really dose start with a few and that most of the American people are running around doing pretty much nothing. I don't recall being asked about taking God out of school. Also the hubby and and disagree about attending a gay wedding. as a I can not bring myself to go. Any replies wou

Bev said...

Looks like your comment got cut off somehow not sure what you asked at the end. Personally I would never attended a gay wedding.

A lot of times when I write I'm very dogmatic, meaning I throw everyone under the bus but I'm only really meaning those who could have done something but didn't. I believe a lot of our problems were caused from men that did nothing and women that left the home and took the role of man. It is no wonder people are having such a hard time about gender when for the past 70 years or so, there really was not gender distinction in a large majority of Americans.

tealady said...

I see it did get cut short I was just wondering how others felt about attending a gay wedding.PERSONALLY I would probably not hang out with people who live that life style and I am not going to say I'm sorry for my way of thinking.

Bev said...

I would think that anyone reading a Christian blog would also feel the same as you about attending a wedding of perversion!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

So glad your back. Love you friend.

Bev said...

Thank you Chrissy and love you too!

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