Monday, October 5, 2015

Who's At Fault for Gender Confusion?

You can sit back and scoff at gender confusion and even go so far to say it is demonic but what most people miss is that being confused about your gender is exactly what comes from past generations' lack of gender distinction.  Masculinity and femininity used to be clearly defined.  It wasn't just dress, though this plays a big part, but rather the manner of each gender that was carried out in everything they did and didn't do.

Men throughout time took care of their wives - you know when marriage was between a man and a woman?  Then, women decided they wanted to be equal with men and so began the "equality" or what was really the mimicking of being a man.  Then we had women leaving the home, leaving the raising of the children, leaving the wearing of feminine dress and ultimately leaving the delicacy of the female.  Here she was - acting like a man, dressing like a man, working like a man and even carrying herself like a man.  The children were raised by whoever and the feminity was not being displayed.

It wasn't just the women.  The men sat by and let all this happen (as usual).  They slithered down into a submissive, spineless, effeminate "man."  Instead of letting their sense of manhood be about providing for their families, being that masculine figure of the home - they became lazy and didn't even try anymore.  The children were raised by whoever and the masculinity was not displayed.

So... with mom wearing the pants and bringing home the bacon and dad sitting around playing video games and caring less about his family - you want to blame WHO for gender confusion?  I think for some, it may take just looking in their mirror or their family photo album.  The examples of male and female for the majority, died out a long time ago.  We are just living in the age of the result of the lack of proper distinction of the sexes.

I know it is easy to judge and speak evil against children who are confused of their gender - but they are the result of a society that has left God and left His Word that has ALWAYS called for gender distinction and given us the roles of men and women.  Then we have "Christians" that want to say that those who actually look like a woman or a man and do women or man things are LEGALISTIC.  Way to go Satan - you really got them working on your side.

So who really brought the CONFUSION?  If I can't tell you are a woman standing behind you in line with your man haircut and clothes, then what do you think that has done to others?  Why would gender confusion matter to women (or men) who are cross-dressing already?  You are promoting it!

Try putting on a dress and acting like your gender ladies.  Men, try wearing the pants and providing for your family like a real man does.  Then maybe, your children can pass down to future generations what male and female really is all about because they might need a reminder 40 years from now because body parts evidently don't make a difference these days!!

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tealady said...

I read a book some years back, wish I could remember the name, that had stated part of the reason gender lines got crossed because of WWII. Women had to take up where the men left to fight over seas. Rosie the Riviter was the new ideal and women started earning
their own money and some where this was o.k.And so part of it started there where men came back the women continued the couples liked all the extra money.I'm not saying everyone should not of done something to help but there were men not in the armed services. WWI did not have women working outside the home, they then had them plant victory gardens and save their resources. Women in the 50's were mainly back in the home, and like you said men just didn't fight to keep the traditional roles together.Another book I read, sorry I can't remember book titles was all about women staying home and the way society considers them less than. In reality once all expenses are added up with day care, extra wardrobe for a working mother,extra cost for quick low quality food.I am grateful that after many years of having to work outside the home,sorry hubby, until my husband saw it my way. Which for me was a huge burden lifted for me because he was raised with a stay at home mom who did everything and he expected me to do the same while working a full time job.Funny how he was thinking. Once I got to stay home our lives changed so much more good than bad, and there have some bad, he felt that seeing I stayed home he expected me to do EVERYTHING, grass cutting etc... After more than 24 years we are now in a more traditional role.

Bev said...

Sounds about right! Glad you were able to come home tealady! My hubby won't let me cut the grass LOL, he thinks that is man's work, that and weed-eating.

Sharon R said...

I have only one word:


Bev said...

That is a 4-letter word that I like to see!

Anonymous said...

Hello! You stated that very well. Here's what gets me:

Little Edith says she wishes she was a boy (for whatever reason, Maybe she's playing Robin Hood) Instead of Mommy smiling and saying something about how of course she wouldn't want to be a boy, she was mommy's sweet girl, and blah blah blah, she 1) Cuts of Edith's Hair 2) Gets rid of all Edith's dresses, dolls, pink, purple, ect 3) Calls Edith " Eddie" from point on 4) Causes trouble for Edith's Kindergarten class when she demands that Edith uses the boys bathroom.... Etc. This is CRAZY! Then later, when Edith is grown up, she says "Even when Eddie was in Kindergarten he wanted to be a boy..." No, because a little girl made a passing comment, or even pretended to be a boy in a game of make believe, Mom went nuts and refused to says she had a girl. HUH? Edith was 5-6 years old. YOU made her think she wanted to be boy.

Bev said...

Very true anonymous! Mothers like that are becoming more and more as they are the product of the uni-gender society that we have now. My daughter said she wishes she was a boy so she wouldn't have to have a period LOL. When my husband told her she can do that nowadays, she was like NO, I didn't mean that!! She is already informed on the twisted world we live in, which I really had no idea of at her age.

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