God Created Family

A lot of people forget just who created family.  Who came up with the idea to make a man and a woman produce offspring?  Whose plan was it for us to have children?  Whose plan was it for there to be future generations?  Who would have wanted such a thing - oh wait, that would be our Creator; God!

If everyone took on the mentality of some family-opposers, we wouldn't even be here.  Some Christians say we shouldn't have children during these evil days but they forget that when Christians stop bearing offspring, there is less a chance that there will be those that will bring others to Christ.  If anything, we should be having more.  The Muslims get this and they are more eager to promote their religion and they know the key is to produce children and in the future, they will most likely be the majority.  Of course God is more powerful than numbers but even God Himself, wanted Israel to increase in number by bearing offspring.

Did Christians fail in the spreading of the gospel because they limited their children?  You could make this argument because there are less hands, less feet and less mouths to share the gospel but all that is considering that your children actually become Christians.  What we can't forget is that the ultimate design that God set forth was for male and female and that of creating families.

What if Adam and Eve had said they would rather do more for God in the garden and decided to prevent children?  Could they really have done MORE for God just themselves?  Was it Satan's sick idea for them to have children so it would hinder their work for God?  Oh wait, it was GOD who commanded them to be fruitful and multiply!  I still can't find that verse of scripture we reached "enough" and God said STOP being fruitful and STOP multiplying - it has got to be in there somewhere right!?  Or was it just supposed to expire at 100 people, or was it a 1,000... a million... hmm.  I guess I will have to ask Dr. Prevention to find out when we were supposed to quit.  The commandment to stop must have been after Paul because he actually told Christian women to marry and bear children.  It must have been so recent that it didn't make it into God's Word, that along with the new definition of marriage....

God created families, he doesn't try to prevent them!

What we must do as Christians is examine everything that brings itself against the design of God and His Word.  Just because one man says that anyone can marry, no matter their gender - doesn't mean we just accept it because it seems "loving."  What does God say?  What is God's design?  THAT is who we must consult.  We either follow God or we follow man's perverted views.

Thank God for family!  Though my days of bearing children in my flesh are over, if God wants to send some my way to raise, I will have open arms and be willing to raise those that others did not want!