Upcoming News, Labels and Facebook

I'm busy planning our move - to where, I can't say yet until hubby gives the go ahead but I can tell you that it is an unbelievable miracle of God!  Just how it has all come to fruition and God's hands have been all over it is simply welcoming to my soul as I've honestly not been myself for a long time now.  I've been in a bad place in my mind, emotions and even spiritually.  However, God is always on time and I'm feeling better and gaining more faith in His goodness everyday!  More to come soon!!

I did want to show you all some things I've been working on in the home as I'm able.  I got these chalkboard labels from Amazon for just a few dollars and then some white chalk markers and I labeled my son's baskets with his toys and then some of my spices and some bins in my laundry/linen cabinet.  I plan on doing ALL of my spices, herbs and pantry items.  I also want to use more in the homeschool storage area and more areas I'm sure will come up.  Here are some pics:

I got rid of my Facebook - I barely lasted a week and then I told myself I would give it a full month to really give it a chance.  I deleted it for more than one reason - it is a lot of reasons really from it being addicting to me (I always wanted to get on there and check it and then spent less time with my kids), to being discouraged by others actions on there.  I feel so much better with it gone.  I've thought of getting it later on and only logging in every once in a while.  I do miss connecting with people on there though.

I deleted my last 2 posts because in one I felt I was ranting and even though I agree with what I said, I just felt bad about it and then the second one, I could delete because God worked a miracle for us right after I posted that!  I had "accepted" things would never change in the post but then I didn't really accept them, I was just trying to talk myself into feeling better.  Well, I didn't have to feel bad much longer because God brought an amazing miracle our way.  Crazy I know - bear with me!  Can you tell I'm about to burst to share the news!?  I better stop typing you guys or I will blurt it out!