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Update: Life in Ohio

We are one month away from having lived in Ohio for a year.  I have to say that the newness has not worn off, I still love it here!  This is by far my favorite place that I have lived in my life.  God has really blessed us here. Even though our pay was substantially lower, we are finding that the quality of life here is far more superior than in Washington state.  The income taxes are horrible here but it may be worth it because it is so beautiful here and full of life.  Did I just say that? LOL!  At least the sales tax is low and there is no tax on food.  We were able to purchase our first home before we moved here and have our first brand-new car.  I believe the time was right for us to enter into these "luxuries" and keep our debt-free lifestyle. The kids love it here too, they are happy all the time and we never run out of things to do.  If anything, there is SO much to do in our area alone that it is overwhelming and even after a year, we haven't even touched t

Satan's Directives for Christians

Make sure you only post sweet, nice things on the internet, make people feel good all the time. Never tell anyone what they must do or be to go to Heaven. Tell everyone they are good enough as they are - no need for following those "laws" in the Bible. Never take a stand for anything or you will hurt other people's feelings. Don't dress modest because you may offend someone with your holier than though attire. Make sure you fit in as much as possible with unbelievers or they will think you are weird and you will never reach them for Christ that way. Keep your friends after you are a Christian, continue to do the same activities with them and you will win them to God. Get on social media and rant and rave about how bad the left is. Talk bad about other Christians who are keeping God's commandments and call them Pharisees and mock them as legalists. Make sure the music you listen to is hip so you can reach others in sin. Don't worry about praying to G