Monday, April 2, 2018

More Apothecary Pictures

I finished putting the herbs I have into jars and into my apothecary.  It was a tedious process of washing the jars and lids, drying them and then filling them with the herb and labeling.  I'm now ready to order some of the herbs I don't have that I will be using to make tinctures, salves, ointments, lip balms, lotion bars, etc.  You can see what herbs I use a lot of - chamomile, lemon balm and peppermint.  I mostly use those for teas for various ailments or just to relax!

I'm using the bottom shelf for my supplies, such as jars, bottles, measuring kits, etc.  I also have 2 drawers below this (not pictured) and I'm using them for medical/health-related things.  One has quite the collection of medical supplies that I've amassed over the years of numerous hospital stays.  I'm so glad I saved everything because it has come in handy in treating my family.  I pretty much know a remedy for everything as I've went through just about anything you can imagine.  I'm so glad that I gained such knowledge so that I can use it to help my own family and others and pass down my medical journal and remedies to future generations.

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tealady said...

I'm impressed, quite the collection for just starting out. The only thing I know are tea's and the uses for relieving cold or stomach ailments. I'll have to look into expanding my knowledge. Keep us posted, I fing this fascinating.

Bev said...

Thank you Tealady! This is nothing compared to what I hope to have in a few months! :) I can't wait to share more as I continue this journey. I've been using natural remedies for many years but decided to be certified and I'm learning so much.

Anonymous said...

You are one in a million. Love you so much. You are the typical biblical virtuous woman. Your husband for sure is a blessed man having you. I wish I find one if not better than you as my life partner. Keep it up Ma'am and remain blessed. Cheers.

Bev said...

Wow! Thank you.

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