Wednesday, August 1, 2018

When God's People Struggle Financially

I wanted to write this after my last post to make sure my readers know that I'm not saying if you do everything like God said, you will not have financial problems.  The rain falls on the just and the unjust the Bible says, but what is different about the Christian that is doing God's will in all areas of their lives, is that you can rest knowing that God will take care of you.  God WILL work it out as you have FAITH for Him to do so!  Faith is the missing piece today in the Christian world, it is sadly, a rarity.

Pray to God for wisdom and knowledge, do you actually ever pray for that?  I started praying for those 2 things several years ago and let me tell you - God delivered, just not in the way I had thought I would gain more of each.  I had to go through some things but came out the better and the wiser.  If you face a financial problem, pray and ask God for wisdom and knowledge about it.  Pray and believe in faith that God will answer.  Don't fret, worry and let anxiety take hold of you - stop, drop and pray!

A lot of our financial problems are really from our own doing.  From medical bills (due to not taking care of our health by eating right and exercising) to not saving money for life's surprises.  Let's face it, admit it and then ask God for mercy!  I've seen God move in my life when it seemed impossible and the debt, mostly from medical bills, seemed insurmountable.  I've had 9 surgeries and 2 children - it wasn't free!  God did amazing things like completely wiping out $26K from a computer that no one at the hospital billing could seem to figure out who did it or how it was taken off, but they said it was someone with administrator privileges and I didn't ask for financial aid!  God can do that! 

Our purpose in life is NOT to be rich or get money.  Our purpose is to do God's Will and live the life He wants for us. He WILL provide our needs!  He will even fulfill our wants as we ask in accordance to His Will.

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Sharon (BennBoo Creations) said...

One of the things I ask fellow Christians when financial troubles arise, is if they are Tithing. Most of the time, you'll get an answer like, "Oh yes, I give $50 every week." No, that's not tithing, unless you gross $500 each week in your paycheck. And even then, most will say they don't tithe their Ebay sales, or tithe their 10% from their garage sale. Some will even break up their tithe to give 60% in the offering and the other 40% to the visiting missionary that spoke at their church that Sunday. Remember, you can't out-give God. It seems to me that those who are truly tithing any and all gross income, have the least amount of financial problems. And no, just b/c you tithe doesn't mean you won't face financial difficulties time to time...for it's those times that we struggle that God puts us to the test, to see if we will stay on track with our finances and giving, even when the car broke down, or the oven went on the fritz. But you can, excuse me, HE CAN make sure that down the road, you will be blessed for your obedience to His word.

Bev said...

Amen Sharon! I totally agree! I believe in tithing on gross and everything that is given to us, even gifts. It is funny you should mention eBay sales because I was thinking about this recently. I believe if you sell at a loss, you don't tithe. For instance, say you bought a shirt for $20 but later sold it for $5, there was no increase. However, if you sold it for $25, you would need to pay tithe on the increase of $5. That is how I see it. There are some things that I don't remember how much I sold them for and I think I should tithe on those just to be safe.

We have always estimated the cost when people give us gifts or take us out for dinner and pay tithe on that. However, my Pastor recently told us a story about a man that if he was given food, he would give 10% to the Pastor or church since he had NO money. His increase was not given in cash, it was given in goods, so he took a tenth of those goods and gave it back to the church. I thought that was interesting.

I like to over-tithe because I don't want to be short on anything that belongs to God!! Well, it ALL belongs to Him but He lets us keep 90%!

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