America May Get What She Wants

I read hundreds, if not thousands of stories during this shutdown and not ONE person mentioned God or trusting in God.  It was only complaining, cursing and vile speech against our nation's President and no concern whatsoever for the better good of our country.  That is where America is today - a spoiled, entitled, unthankful and unholy nation that doesn't seek God or trust in Him and thinks nothing of speaking evil against rulers.  I don't feel that God will put up with this much longer.  Maybe God will let the nation have what it wants and became a greater cesspool of sin, debauchery, and let a woman rule to shame us all.  NY is even more cursed now as they literally celebrate the blood they shed of innocent children.  Even some Christian leaders celebrate the prevention of children as they seek their own selfish agendas and teach others to look to children as a hindrance.  I don't see God holding back too much longer.

We have federal workers that took jobs knowing full well the risk involved of possibly having to work without pay.  You would think they would have planned for this, since they knew it was a possibility and agreed to it before taking the job.  They agreed to support our government and show up to work, regardless of what may lie ahead.  We found out that they weren't so noble in the end, not all of them.  Today, it was reported that 14,000 IRS workers didn't even show up at work when they were called in to do so.  Some Air Traffic Controllers also didn't show up putting our airlines at risk without enough to do their jobs and causing nationwide chaos and delays.

I'm sure these jobs could go to people who would uphold their word, I'm sure a lot of immigrants would gladly take them as they are thankful for anything they get.  It isn't Trump's fault that these people did not prepare for something they knew about!  It really is time to take ownership for our own lack of responsibility and quit blaming everyone else.  If they had done this and called out to God, I believe He would have provided and met the needs.  But no, let's run to the credit card company and the bank for a loan and why pray when we can worry right?  NO faith in God.  NO trust in God.  Trust was in the government and well - wrong place to put your trust!  Trust was in the paycheck - wrong place to put your trust!  All of these can fail but God will NEVER fail!

I remember President Ronald Reagan actually fired 11,000 air traffic controllers for not keeping their oath to the country and coming to work and putting America in danger - listen to his great speech here: