Books I've Been Reading

What you put in is usually what comes out, that is why you need to put good things in.  The Bible is the most important book you will ever read!  It should be first.  After that, you should read books that help you in your roles as a woman - being a wife, homemaking, mothering, homeschooling, etc.  A lot of the modern authors today are teaching incorrect doctrine and I stay away from a lot of their books, though I may read through some of them to glean the good things and leave the bad. 

Some of these I've already read recently and others I'm almost done with or just starting.  I read several books at one time depending on what I feel I want to read at that moment in time, so I tend to have a lot going at once!  Some I haven't started yet but plan on it in the next few months.

I also have some my daughter is and will be reading this year: