Pics: Organizing Throughout the Home

I'm way behind on sharing pics of all the organizing I've been doing the past few months.  This post is picture heavy and should catch you up on what all I've managed to organize lately.

My son loves playing play-doh and I had no place to store it downstairs, along with some of his art supplies.  I found this great storage cabinet last year and it is working great.  I got the red storage baskets at the Dollar Tree and the gray/black fabric containers on the shelf above the cabinet.

In the homeschool room, I organized his crayons with this great red box that comes with a lid from the Dollar Tree.  I also found these very sturdy divider organizers from Aldi that are working great for holding things up like workbooks on our bookshelves.

I organized my son's shelf and closet.  We changed his decor in his room to black, tan and red to match his new bed but have yet to update his storage bins.  I do plan on replacing all of these colorful bins with red ones from the Dollar Tree.  We are also going to finally paint his room the same color as the rest of the house (tan) this spring.  I want to find a better storage system for the clothes on the top of his closet shelf but that is for another day.

I used some of the Dollar Tree red bins to organize under the kitchen sink.

I bought 2 more matching chairs for our dining table, so when we extend the table, we have sturdy chairs for guests that match.  For everyday, we only use 4 of the chairs and push the table back in to seat just 4.  I use the other 2 chairs upstairs when we don't need them downstairs.

We did a deep-clean on our bedroom, my husband moved all the furniture and we vacuumed and mopped all of the floor and dusted all of the furniture.

I have some ideas for the room eventually - buying a large rug for the space between the bed and the mirrored dresser.  Then, we set up a desk in the corner where the glider rocker is currently, since we no longer need the glider rocker.  Also adding in some lamps, curtain lights on the windows, repainting the room this spring and fixing the nail holes from the previous owner and putting some things on the walls.  Here are some ideas I have that match my yellow/gray/white bed set (not pictured):

I put my room off while I was fixing up the rest of the house but hopefully one day, I will get the bedroom decorated!