Part 2: 6 Things God Sheep Do

You can read Part 1 here that gives an overview of Matthew 25 and the 6 things that God's sheep do.

Let's review the 6 things God's sheep do:
  1. Feed the Hungry
  2. Give Drink to the Thirsty
  3. House Strangers
  4. Clothe Those Without
  5. Visit the Sick
  6. Come to Those in Prison

The above 6 things that Jesus defines His sheep doing are all for other people!  Selfishness has no place in God.  When you are truly are born again by the Spirit of God and have the mind of Christ - you won't be selfish.  You will think of others.  You will look out for your sister (or brother) in Christ.  Jesus did say that to "the least of these my brethren" in verse 40 we are to do these things, he was clearly talking about those in the faith, especially the least esteemed.  Oh, how opposite I've seen this.  I've seen the least esteemed treated with disdain, not allowed in the "best" seats and frankly not even invited.  God isn't like that and as we can clearly see here - His sheep aren't either.

Is your sister-in-Christ hungry, thirsty, needing housing, needing clothing, sick or in prison?  If you haven't ministered to her (or him for men), then you are not God's sheep according to Matthew 25.  Have we as women, become so focused on our own responsibilities that we haven't the time for doing these 6 things for our sisters-in-Christ?  I believe we are to help those within our sphere of life; those around you and in your circle.  A lot of people like to help people in Africa before they will lift a finger to help the sister sitting next to them at church.  God placed you where He did, in the town He did, for a reason.  That's your realm, your sphere and your territory of ministering to others.

If your husband isn't with you, you shouldn't be helping your brother-in-Christ alone.  I think that goes without saying but you never know these days.  Couples could do these things together and help a brother, but for this series, I'm concentrating on women helping women.

Feeding the Hungry
God has touched my heart many times in the past 20 years of being a Christian to bring groceries to a sister.  I can relay to you many times, some even late in the evening, that I went and bought groceries and took them to a sister in need without her asking.  Nobody knew I did these things, I didn't need glory or even need for others to know that I did them.  I cared about my sister and I obeyed the Holy Spirit!  I didn't even realize I was following Matthew 25 until recently because quite frankly, I never even heard Matthew 25 taught in church!  I've been in church all my life from birth (my dad was the Pastor growing up) and I don't remember a sermon or study on this very topic.  But isn't it amazing that despite not hearing it and despite somehow skimming over it in Bible reading over the years - that I still performed these things?  That's because when you are His, you do His Work, it is just in you to help others and have compassion on the hurting, sick and oppressed.

Give Drink to the Thirsty
This one is easy, how many times do we give someone something to drink if they ask for it when they are at our house?  I think we all could fulfill this easily.  However, it isn't just doing it sometimes, it is doing it whenever we are presented with it in our sphere.

House Strangers
If we do these things to those in the faith, then why would they be called strangers here?  I suppose maybe it means if we see someone who is a Christian that needs a home, like say their house caught on fire or they lost their job or got evicted.  But does this mean we physically house them in OUR home?  I think in earlier times this was normal but in our days, I don't think it is safe.  I would rather try and provide a place for them, like a hotel, so they would be housed.  I've always felt uncomfortable with anyone staying in my home besides my own parents.  I've heard too many stories among Christians where a child was molested by another "brother" that stayed with them in their home.  I always played it safe in this regard.  I don't think I have personally come across someone needing to be housed.  We live in America which is probably why I don't see this, but in other countries it is probably more common to find others needing housing.

Clothe Those Without
I've given away so many clothes to sisters, even currently, although I don't know that I actually gave clothing to someone naked and without.  I suppose when donating to charity or the Salvation Army, you are contributing in some way to fulfill this.  If presented with a sister (or brother), who was truly in need of an article of clothing, I feel that I would supply it but I can't remember a time where I've seen that.  

Visit the Sick
Having had a rough life physically, I understand the degree of hurt that you can feel when no one comes to visit you when you are sick.  For the majority of my sicknesses and hospitalizations over the years, no one came to visit.  There was about 2 times I remember someone came and that meant the world to me that someone actually cared enough.  During the other times no one came, I cried asking God why nobody cared enough to come visit me.  God told me that He had touched people's hearts to come but they refused.  Now, whenever someone we know ends up in the hospital, we go visit them.  A lot are shocked that we come and we tell them the story of how we felt being alone with no visitors!  So, it has become my mission now to make an effort to visit the sick, especially in the hospital.  Just this past year alone, we've been in the hospital visiting 5 times those we are close to.  One of the people we visited ended up passing away, a very dear friend of ours.  I remember what he said to us when we came to visit him yet again, he said: "I know that if anyone would come visit me in the hospital, it would definitely be you all."  He was hurt that hardly anyone came to visit him as he was slowly dying and I understand that hurt in some ways.  There is nothing like being in a hospital bed scared by your condition and finally see who your true friends are.

Come to Those in Prison
There was a brother in our church many years ago, that got away from God and ended up in jail.  Although, I couldn't go visit him, my husband did.  That's the only person I've known in prison who has lived in our town.  Currently where we live, I don't know any.

I tried to tell you what I've done in each of these situations to give you a better idea of what you could do.  God told us to EXAMINE ourselves.  We need to constantly examine ourselves against the Word of God - do we do the things God said we would do if we were His?  Do we refrain from things God said His refrain from?  Who are we really serving?

2 Corinthians 13:5
Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. 

Feel free to leave a comment explaining what you have done or situations you have faced involving some of these.  I still have a lot more to share, so expect a few more posts on this series.