Almost 8,000 Americans Die Every Day

I was looking at some data, the most recent I could find from the CDC was 2018's data.  It is pretty much the same every year and here are the numbers:

On average...

2.8 MILLION people die every year in the United States!

7,708 people die every DAY in the United States!

150,000 people die every DAY in the World!  That's almost 55 million people dying every year in our world.

Death is inevitable as we can see.  The sad part is that in the US, the most deaths occur from Heart Disease, which is generally a preventable disease with proper diet and exercise, as is Diabetes (type 2) and lack of proper diet and exercise is a contributor to others in certain ways.

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Close to 48,000 people COMMIT SUICIDE every year in the United States!

*These numbers are BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic and the pandemic will only add to these numbers.  Currently COVID-19 has killed 2,112 people in the United States and 33,833 in the world.

I believe this will help us put all of this in perspective as most people don't realize that every day we live in this country, 8,000 people die!  A couple million die every year.  We need to prepared to meet God, you never know when your time will come.