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Hair Update

One of the popular topics that a lot enjoyed in the past was my hair updates.  This is our glory and covering as women, our uncut hair, that grows to the "long" length that we are genetically predisposed to grow.  Mine just happens to settle at mid-thigh to my knees and it has gone up and down over the years.  I haven't cut or trimmed my hair since 1999 in obedience to 1 Corinthians 11.

It is currently in great condition and shiny and silky, as I hardly every use heat anymore.  I let it air-dry and I rarely curl the ends.  In the photo below I had curled the last 5 inches or so of my hair earlier in the day, I don't curl the rest of the length of my hair anymore.  I don't spend much time on my hair and never have, I just comb and go or wear it in a bun or ponytail usually.  I don't think we need to spend enormous times on our appearance because that is the way of the world!  Simple is beautiful!


  1. Yes your hair is beautiful, I have not been blessed with thick hair. I keep trying to go it out but end up cutting it at med back it just becomes so thin,and limp.

    1. One step at a time Tealady, if you do it as in obedience, you just learn to accept what it looks like. I don't like that my hair takes a while to wash and gets stuck in door knobs lol but I tell God a lot, I'm just doing this because of what you said we must do to show we are under our head (our husband) and that we shouldn't even pray unless we do so. That puts it in focus when you realize it isn't about vanity as our glory but obedience as our glory. Maybe that can help change your perspective. The beauty of your obedience would far outweigh what the appearance is.

  2. So very true Bev, now I have to show this to my husband when he complains about having to clean the shower drain so often or the vac belts. I can do this with that new thought.

    1. Lol. They have these drain covers that have smaller holes to help but I didn't find it useful. We use a snake, I think that's what it's called, to fish out the hair a few times a year. Oh and the vacuum, you have to cut the hairs out of it once a month too!

      We will understand this one day why God chose this as our sign of obedience. It definitely is a sacrifice. Notice it also says in the passage in Corinthians 11, that it's for the angels as well. We as women HELP the angels obey their head (God) and not rebel, when we have our covering that shows obedience to our head (husband). That's something that we have to think about - angels are watching us.


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