Women and Pants - Podcast

Pants (or breeches in Bible times) were and are a male garment. Even the Bible produces no woman in all its history wearing this male garment. God thinks it's an abomination to cross dress (Deut. 22:5). Satan loves that he has blurred the lines so much in our modern culture that even "Christians" are destroying God's clear distinction of the sexes. In this modern world today, everything is suddenly permissible that was understood not to be so for hundreds of years - we know better now they say. Just as women wearing pants were widely accepted in the 70's, we now have many other perversions and abominations being accepted in some churches. Christians should keep God's clear distinction of male and female in appearance (dress and hair), in deportment and behavior (masculinity and femininity), as in opposition to the abominations that the world continually accepts.