July Happenings

An arborist told me over 3 years ago that our Rose of Sharon tree was dead and wouldn't bloom anymore, but every year, it still blooms!  It reminds me of how doctors proclaimed I was sterile and couldn't bear children - but God!  It teaches me that "experts" don't know everything and God can make anything that has been dead, come alive again!

We replaced all our blinds, except the master bedroom because they were newer.  I decided to try out Blinds.com faux wood blinds and used Dave Ramsey's promo to get 25% off.  There was a lot of imperfections with the blinds and 2 of them were so bad that I had to get replacements.  I'm not entirely happy but I think I was spoiled because the previous owner had real wood blinds and I loved those until they broke.

I also found a yellow console table for $60 and I love it!!  Love all the color, makes me feel so energized.

More hiking...

I tried out a recipe to make cobbler in the instant pot and it was so good!