Using Remember the Milk for Chores

There is an app (also a website version) called "Remember the Milk" that has been a valuable tool for me to keep my to-do's and chores organized and to also have my kids (and even husband) know what it is they need to do in the house on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis.  It has been the BEST tool I've ever used and something a lot of people don't know about unfortunately.

Not only can I put all the house chores and the frequency they need to be done, but I can easily see who has done what through my main account.  Both of my kids have a phone with the app - my son has a phone with no cell service and limited usage availability and monitored!  So they look at their chore list every morning and check off when they've completed their chores as they go throughout the day.

Here are screenshots of our lists and I also included a MISC list I had of random things I want to eventually get done.  I have most chores set to repeat at certain times I have set - some repeat daily, some weekly, etc.  I have the whole house cleaning organized for the year!  We've already done our big deep clean a few months ago, so it won't happen again until spring.

You can make as many different lists as you want for anything really!  Now that we are getting back to school, I plan on making a homeschool list for the kids and for myself of all that I need to remember to do each day/week, etc.  I have everyone's synced through my main account but they all have their own individual accounts that they can create their own private lists on too if they choose.  I can also edit their lists or change when they are due - anything really.  It is very customizable and the best part of all it is FREE!