Some of you long-time readers may remember my story I wrote a decade ago (I Know "Her"...) about how I was told I would go to hell if I had a baby.  I told how later I was told from another man of God that no, I wouldn't go to hell for having a baby.  However, I still thought I would until God spoke to me Genesis 18:19.  You can read all about that in the link to that post above.

After that, I tried to conceive but couldn't and then after tests I was told by our doctor that I was sterile and probably impossible to conceive without help.  Having children was my dream and I was crushed but I prayed for God to heal me.  I was struggling to say the least.  Then, a leader in a church we were in, came to Alaska to preach for us.  I've never forgotten that message.  He preached a message called, TRUST ME!  He constantly emphasized those words TRUST ME over and over again.  The Lord spoke to me and said that I needed to trust Him that I was pregnant at that very moment with a baby.  And sure enough - I was pregnant with my daughter.

We received some devastating news recently that shook up my world once again.  This was a big test of my faith and I was failing sadly and crying a lot.  My husband got up to preach the following Sunday and preached - TRUST ME!  I don't know that he remembers the message from 2003 but I sure do lol.  Throughout the preaching, I was so encouraged, it felt like God hand-delivered a message to me to help me build up my faith and trust Him once again.  Then, we set off for our planned vacation that we had saved up for (debt-free by the way), not knowing what the future held for me afterwards.

On our way back home at a stop in Oklahoma, I woke up in the night and felt like I was dying.  My heart was so bad, I had severe vertigo that I was falling all over the place and I knew this was it, this was the end for me, my heart had finally lost the fight.  Upon waking my husband, him and our daughter prayed on me but I felt it was no use, I was fading fast, I couldn't even speak anymore.  My husband left the room, which kind of disturbed me because here I am dying and where is he going!?  My daughter held on to my hand and prayed constantly.  A few minutes later, my husband marches in the room with some super confidence and comes to me and says: "Bev, God spoke to me and told me to tell you TRUST ME!  God said that Satan is doing this to you and it will go away, you won't die!"  It wasn't but a few minutes later I passed out and hours later I woke up with no problems at all!!

In our darkest hours and upon receiving our most devastating news and our spirits being crushed by the harshness of life, we need to remember that there is one thing God is saying to us all: TRUST ME!!