What's Been Cooking

I made oven baked flounder, which is my son's absolute favorite.  I take frozen wild caught flounder and rub them with olive oil, then I made a homemade fish seasoning and add that and some extra dill, lemon juice and salt and pepper and bake for 20 minutes.  I made some baking powder biscuits, tartar sauce (I add more pickles and even pickle juice) and prince medley with it:

I made chicken enchiladas, cooking the chicken breast in homemade enchilada sauce all together in the instant pot, then shredding the chicken and filling each corn tortilla with chicken, sauce and cheese and baking.

I don't normally cook on Sunday but I was craving soup and baguette bread, so I made some Pasta Fagioli with kale using a new recipe from The Instant Pot Bible - Next Generation and the soup is definitely a keeper!  Baguette bread is always good, can't go wrong and something we like to have with soup meals.

*If you didn't notice, the bolded words above are links to the recipe.