Homekeepers Need to be Informed about the Stock Market!

We've had a 401K since we were 26 and didn't know really anything about it except that our money grew very well.  This past year we made an absolutely incredible amount and I didn't understand why my conscience always bothered me about the 401K.  I don't believe it is gambling, so why was I feeling so wrong?

I started understanding more about it all and then realized these "mutual funds" we are invested in, are actually a basket of companies.  I wondered what kind of companies are we involved in?  That, to my horror, was when I realized why all these years I felt my conscience feel so sick towards our 401K.  We were invested in Fakebook (gag me already), Abortion, Pornography... you sick yet?  Even Caesar's Entertainment!  OH MY GOODNESS, forgive us God!  So, I'm thinking how ashamed I am and then I find out that some "Christians" say it's ok to do this and they enjoy the money made off all the evil.  SAY WHAT!?

So, to check on the proposed "ok-ness" of all this, I did some research and spoke with some experts on the phone.  Guess what folks - you are PART OWNER when you invest in these companies

You even have voting rights in the company.  You have a direct hand in it all with your money and your ownership.  That is NOT ok, no matter what crazy, greedy Christian tells you so.  It simply is not morally permissible for a child of God.

Upon finding all this out, we sold all our stocks and put it all in the money market portion of the 401K to park it.  We now plan on opening an IRA and investing in clean companies that are not evil and have been vetted by the Timothy Plan.  You can read about them here.

I seriously feel like a curse was lifted off us when we sold this and prayed for forgiveness.  No wonder God warns us so much about being rich - greed blinds people.

Pro 16:8  Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right. 

Being part of owner of a company is far different than buying something from a company.  You can't help that evil is all around us and buying from Amazon, doesn't mean you support what they do.  However, being part owner does, you are part of it.

Mat 6:21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 

Give your retirement plans over to God and don't depend on the evil of this world to take care of you.  God can make a little go a long a way!

Matthew Henry's commentary says it so well on Pro 16:8:

It is maintained that a small estate, honestly come by, which a man is content with, enjoys comfortably, serves God with cheerfully, and puts to a right use, is much better and more valuable than a great estate ill-got, and then ill-kept or ill-spent. It carries with it more inward satisfaction, a better reputation with all that are wise and good; it will last longer, and will turn to a better account in the great day, when men will be judged, not according to what they had, but what they did.

To check on the companies/funds/stocks you own, simply enter the ticker, company or fund name in this search and it will tell you exactly what you are part owner in!